WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: what happens if you don’t accept the offer?


Ddespite the fact that it now belongs Facebook, Whatsapp continues to look for ways to establish itself as the best instant messaging app in the world.

To do this, they are constantly updating their software to make the user experience more comfortable, and on November 6, they will change their user policies, and those who accept them will see a few changes, and those who do not will be repeatedly bombed. post for that.

What happens to your WhatsApp account if you don’t accept their new policy?

If you do not accept these new rules by November 6, your conversations will be restricted and you will not be able to send or receive messages. You will only be able to see notifications that you received a message from one of your contacts.

What cellular models will be left without WhatsApp in 2021?

Starting November, WhatsApp will no longer work on non-Android phones of version 4.0.3 for iPhones that do not have iOS 9 or later. Here’s a complete list:


  • Galaxy Trend Lite
  • Galaxy Trend II
  • Galaxy SII
  • Galaxy S3 mini
  • Galaxy Xcover 2
  • Galactic nucleus
  • Galaxy Ace 2


  • IPhone 6
  • iPhone 6S plus
  • iPhone SE


  • Ascend G740
  • Ascend mate
  • Ascend D Quad XL
  • Ascend D1 Quad XL
  • Ascend P1 S
  • Ascend D2


  • Lucid 2
  • Optimus F7
  • Optimus F5
  • Optimus L3 II Dual
  • Optimus F5
  • Optimus L5
  • Best L5 II
  • Optimus L5 Dual
  • Best L3 II
  • Optimus l7
  • Optimus L7 II Dual
  • Best L7 II
  • Optimus F6, Enact
  • Optimus L4 II Dual
  • Optimus F3
  • Best L4 II
  • Best L2 II
  • Optimus nitro hd
  • Optimus 4X HD
  • Optimus F3Q


  • ZTE V956
  • Grand X Quad V987
  • Great memo

Other brands

  • Alcatel
  • Archos 53 Platinum
  • HTC Desire 500
  • Caterpillar Cat B15
  • Wiko cink five
  • Wiko darknight
  • Lenovo A820
  • UMi X2
  • Run F1
  • THL W8

How do I know which version of WhatsApp you have?

To find out which version of the app you have, you have to enter the app on your device and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

From there you go to settings and then to help and finally press information from the app. To find out if this information is up to date, you must log into the App Store and look for the WhatsApp program page and see if you have the option to update.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: which is better and why?

Both apps are based on instant messaging, and while WhatsApp is still the most widely used worldwide, Telegram has increased its user base following a change to WhatsApp’s privacy policy in 2021.

At the moment, WhatsApp is better because it has more users, it has more active users than Telegram, although the big difference between the two is in the privacy settings.

In 2021, WhatsApp caused huge controversy over its new settings, which Telegram praised for more secure encryption technology.

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