What’s wrong with Andrea Savage Legs? What happened?


When Andrea posted a glimpse of her legs with various bruises and marks on her Facebook account, her legs became a hot topic in the media. Read more about Andrea Savage Legs damage through this article.

Andrea Kristen Savage, famous by her screen name Andrea Savage, is a long-time American actress, comedian, and author.

The California native made a name for himself with movies and series like: Comedy Central’s mockumentary series Canine Bites Man, Hulu’s The Hotwives, HBO’s Veep and Tru Television’s I’m Sorry.

The 49-year-old actress performs stand-up comedy at The Improv, The Comedy Retailer, The Ice Home and many venues around Los Angeles.

Andrean began his acting career with Renata Vargas, a Brazilian exchange student at Candy Valley High. Later, she was enrolled in The Groundlings theater, where she began performing weekly for Her Signature.

What’s wrong with Andrea Savage’s legs?

As soon as the famous actress I’m sorry posted a image flaunting his bruises and damage on his official Facebook [email protected]Wild Andrea.

Andrea’s followers and admirers began to worry about her damage. In the following post, she talked about the leg and the lighting crew not being meant to play together.

Andrea Savage posted a picture showing her bruises and damage on her official Facebook [email protected]Andrea Savege. (Supply: Facebook)

From her caption, viewers can speculate that the actress should have been injured upon noticing or maybe it is her accident on set while talking about a difficult day on set.

The actress has spoken about #imsorrytv in the publication. Subsequently, it is clear that she was injured while she was taking photos for Tru Television’s I was Sorry in 2017.

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What happened to Andrea Savage?

Mainly based on Andrea’s Facebook post, the actress hurt her leg during the American TV series taking photos; I am sorry.

Apart from the leg damage, the actress is healthy and physically fit. In addition, no health problems with the actress have been reported on any online portal.

Andrea was born to Sharon Lee (née Chrystie) and Richard Savage in California in Santa Monica, California. However, three quarters of her were Ashkenazi Jewish and one quarter of Greek descent (her maternal grandfather was of Greek origin).

Speaking of her writing career, the actress wrote a television pilot for ABC/Sony produced by Jamie Tarses and another pilot for Comedy Central, River Canine, in 2013.

Andrea’s character as Senator Laura Montez in Veep’s duties on becoming president in an elegant manipulation of the constitutional process.

Andrea Savage Profession

Additionally, Andreas’ television credits include his roles in the FOX pilot Rebounding and NBC’s Lies & The Wives We Tell Them To. Furthermore, he captivated viewers’ attention with a comedy sequence reminiscent of Trendy House, Home of Lies and The League, in which he appeared.

In 2017, the actress created the TruTV semi-autobiographical comedy I’m Sorry, portraying the character of Adrea Warren. Andrea states that her idea for her TV series “Sorry” is mainly autobiographical.

Andrea is impressed by his real-life portrayal of a comedy author hampered by impromptu and inappropriate thoughts. She navigates awkward moments as an adult and mom or dad along with her husband.

Since 2019, Andrea has been working on a podcast, AAndrea Savage: a grown girl #buttholes.

Andrea Wild Legs
Andrea Savage as Stacy Beale in the upcoming Netflix series Tulsa King (Source: Twitter)

The actress made several headlines after her anticipation as Stacy Beale in the upcoming Netflix series Tulsa King, which revolves around New York mob Capo Dwight.

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