Whats is Actual Khula Procedure in Pakistan due to Maltreatment?


Khula Procedure in Pakistan due to Maltreatment:

Advocate Nazia is the best lawyer for filing khula procedure in Pakistan, resulting in a divorce certificate in Pakistan. Cruelty and maltreatment by husband established on record and wife demanding separation at a late stage of life, High Court did not interfere finding on cruelty by the Family Court. Respondent making the life of wife miserable by severe beating and turning her out from his house when she was pregnant, wife on account of habitual cruelty not going to husband’s house even for the sake of her son, marriage dissolved through khula procedure in Pakistan resulting in divorce certificate in Pakistan.


Cruelty includes physical as well as mental, the life of wife rendered miserable by the conduct of husband, marriage, dissolved. Consolidation of suits: Two suits raising identical questions of fact and law consolidated by the Family Court. Court being competent to order consolidation in the exercise of its inherent powers. No illegality was committed in the case by ordering consolidation of suits raising identical questions.

Disposal of wife’s property:

Disposal of wife’s property: (1) Disposal of wife’s property means just disposal, and no more is not necessarily means misappropriation form of the issue to be struck in case of khula procedure in Pakistan resulting in divorce certificate in Pakistan. (2) Pressing need of a husband, disposal not legitimate. Duty of Court, powers of (1) Duty to frame proper issues arising out of pleadings of parties to rest in the Court absence of proper assistance from Lawyers not to absolve Court of its primary duty to have taken on pleadings of parties and then frame correct and proper issues arising therefrom. (2) Family Courts are Courts and not a persona designatum for cases of khula procedure in Pakistan resulting in divorce certificate in Pakistan.

Family Court:

Salutary provision of Order 32, rule 7, cannot be ignored by Family Court. No effort made whether the compromise was in the interest of the minor or not could be accepted, so Dixit. Family Court has no jurisdiction to decide the question of the legitimacy of the paternity of a child. Evidence by affidavits is acceptable. Family Court power in cases of khula procedure in Pakistan resulting in divorce certificate in Pakistan is discretionary and not compulsive. Both the witnesses resided abroad, their affidavits produced in evidence. Family Judge refused the application that she was required to produce witnesses at her responsibility. Witnesses from the U.K. cause delay and inconvenience, so the expenditure to be incurred in obtaining the presence of witnesses from abroad, so affidavits were allowed.

Divorce Certificate in Pakistan:

In cases of khula procedure in Pakistan resulting in divorce certificate in Pakistan admissibility of the document is quite different from evidentiary value, after permitting the affidavits on record, the Court was not precluded from assessing evidentiary value thereof. Execution: (1) Direction regarding payment of money or benefits could be enforced by the Family Court itself and not by a separate suit for recovery of the same. (2) Where a decree relates to the payment of money, it could be recovered if the family Court directed its recovery as arrears of land revenue.

 False Charge of Adultery:

(1) Suit for dissolution and marriage on a lien, i.e., a false charge of adultery is maintainable.

Lian or false charge of adultery, withdrawal of charge by husband did not constitute a valid registration.



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