What you didn’t know about José Manuel Gayán, the man who would have returned the illusion to Genoveva Casanova


As happens every Wednesday of the year, during the day of this November 16, thousands of kiosks of the country have been filled with the most outstanding magazines of the social and national scene, which inside are full of news that leaves no one indifferent. That is precisely what happened on this latest occasion, when Genoveva Casanova has been captured in some affectionate images for which she has been related to a mysterious man.

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and Genoveva Casanova smiling.

But, who has been the lucky one who has managed to make the ex of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo believe in love again? Well, this is none other than José Manuel Gayán Pacheco, a Sevillian rancher who was invited to the birthday party of the Mexican given the great relationship that could have blossomed between them. It was on November 8 when what was daughter-in-law of the Duchess of Alba He celebrated his 46th birthday in style, which is why he gave rise to a celebration in which his closest friends were not absent, and of course, the person who would have returned his romantic illusion.

That is what has been confirmed since the last issue of Weekin which a series of snapshots are reflected that denote that between Genoveva and José Manuel there could be something more than a mere friendship. Be that as it may, for the moment, neither of them has wanted to confirm or deny this news that has already reached all corners of the country, especially considering that few have been the men who have sounded around it since it put an end to her romance with him Duke of Arjona.

However, the truth is that Gayán could have been crowned as the perfect candidate to occupy Casanova’s heart, and no wonder. Besides there being a very good harmony between them, they also they share a passion for the animal world and especially for horseswhich is why he has come to compete in the horse driving modality, winning the odd contest with which he hinted that his health is optimal despite having been forced to undergo a kidney transplant a decade ago.

shell velasco
Semana magazine cover.

But delving deeper into the more personal side of José Manuel, it should be noted that his life has always been strongly marked by the presence of the field. Being the third of four brothers, this breeder has managed to become nothing more and nothing less than the president of the Spanish Association of Lusitano Thoroughbred Horse Breeders, a professional job that he combines with an active life with sport by flag. In fact, the latter could also have brought him closer to Genoveva, especially knowing that the one from Mexico is a great fan of disciplines such as yogain addition to being completely immersed in solidarity issues to which Gayán could have accompanied her at one time or another.


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