What was the strange advice that Johnny Depp gave Anne Heche on the set of Donnie Brasco?

Anne Heche and Johnny Depp worked alongside Al Pacino in the legendary gangster film Donnie Brasco, and during filming, Depp had some advice for her that she took to heart.

Anne Heche was interviewed by Larry King on his show Larry King Live. During the show, they reminisced about her career as well as how was it working with Johnny Depp.

Working with Johnny Depp was heaven

During the filming of the movie they got to spend a lot of time together, she even said that working with Depp was “heaven”, and some of that time is spent in the make-up chair, because of all the preparations for his role .

Anne Heche said she wasn’t cool enough to date Johnny Depp

Larry King asked her if she would have dated Johnny Deppto which she said “I’m way too uncool, Johnny was like, here’s the advice he gave me in the trailer, first of all, who would’ve thought that I got that, it was so amazing to even get that opportunity .”

Make-up chair advises

After they worked together and got acquainted, they started hanging out at the trailer, I’m sitting in a trailer with him, and what’s his advice, he’s sitting here like this, with like three people around him, and he’s like, “Don ‘t ever get tattoos. It gives you another hour in the makeup trailer.” [mimics taking a drag of a cigarette] And I got to kiss him, aw man, I got to slap him. I got to slap him. He really wanted it too.”


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