What was the cause of death of Natalia Andrea Larrañaga Fajardo? Woman dragged into a ship’s propeller – Thelocalreport.in


Once again, quite disturbing news is spreading through social networks, leaving almost everyone in deep fear, since no one had imagined that their faces would collide with such worse news that day. Yes, you heard right, recently, a tourist was killed after being dragged onto a boat at White Wata Beach on the island of San Andres. As soon as the incident occurred, everyone was shocked because no one had imagined that she would leave the world in a certain way, as it was quite horrible.

Who was Natalia Andrea Larrañaga Fajardo?

According to reports or exclusive sources, the victim is identified as Natalia Andrea Larrañaga Fajardo, 26, who went to enjoy her vacation at the beach on November 27, 2022. She was having fun with her loved ones and decided to leave. she snorkeling and so she went to the beach where the boat was available and as soon as she jumped out of the boat, unfortunately, she was dragged into the propeller of a boat on the beach. Many others tried to save her by pulling her face up but due to the intensity of the incident they were unable to make it alive ahead of her.

What was the cause of death of Natalia Andrea Larrañaga Fajardo?

Meanwhile, the rescue team jumped out of the boat into the sea to rescue her, but she had already lost her breath as there were only chances to save her. Thus, they sent her to the nearest medical center where the team of specialists was examining the victim and tested hers…


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