What should you do for your dermis on skincare day


This is celebrated on August 25th Nursing day Skin, A journey to realize the importance of taking care of them from a young age. Remember, as the years go by, collagen disappears and we need to restore it in other ways.

By celebrating Skin Care Day, let us see everything we have to do to make your dermis better and younger.

Replenish water at all times

Moisturizers must be used at a young age, because the skin becomes dry and damaged and requires maximum hydration.But not only with Moisturizer This can be done by drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich foods.

Facial care

We must also maintain facial routines. This is achieved through the application of various products, especially from the age of 30.According to makeup artist Cristina Lobato, it’s important to use the correct order of products Shows balanced skin.

This will be: first limiator, then tonic, serum, Then the eye contours, then apply lip balm, moisturizer, concealer, and then apply base makeup as needed.

Facial hygiene

In order for our skin to breathe, it’s not enough Hydration, You must clean with soap and water at least twice a day, and use cleansers in the form of creams and products when necessary.

But we must do this every day, because pollution will cause more damage to the skin.With this We avoid blackheads and othersBy removing dead cells, the skin can be rejuvenated in a more natural way, avoiding the formation of wrinkles (although this has been inevitable for many years).

Take care of your own external and internal

In this case, on the day of skin care, another motto is to be able to take care of yourself from the outside to the inside. This is a healthy lifestyle, and good and healthy eating habits will also affect the appearance of our skin.

At the same time he Stress also affects the dermisTherefore, we also need to maintain good mental health in many things in life, but at the same time we need to think outside of us.

Experts around you

If we have questions about how to take care of our dermis, then according to each skin type, experts can reveal all these secrets, because they are different.

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