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What other Covid restrictions exist in the UK?

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Most of the remaining Covid restrictions in the UK have ended.

However, some rules will remain in Wales and Scotland for the time being

What are the rules in Scotland?

Scotland has lifted most of its legal restrictions, but face coverings will still be mandatory on public transport and in some indoor settings, including shops, until April 18.

The legal requirements will be translated into guidance on April 18.

Scotland will continue to offer free Covid tests until the end of April, though rules about who should be tested and when will change.

From May 1st:

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How have the rules in Wales changed?

Masks are no longer mandatory in shops or public transport – although they are recommended – but are still mandatory in health and social protection facilities.

The legal requirement for people with coronavirus to self-isolate has also ended – although it is strongly recommended.

After the end of June, free LFT will no longer be available and payments for contact tracing and self-isolation support will end.

How is the situation in the UK?

The government has proposed its “Living with Covid” program earlier this year.

What are the rules in Northern Ireland?

The government recommends that masks should always be worn in certain places, such as closed public places and health and social care facilities.

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