What Johnny Depp’s colleagues say about working with him: We couldn’t stop laughing, he’s a caring guy…


JOnny Depp is currently in a legal battle with his ex-wife. Amber Heardwho claims that the actor insulted her.

When he tries to clear his name Depp you called on various prominent witnesses to testify about his character. But outside of the courtroom, the positive comments made by his co-stars are also coming up. Deppfans, even those from interviews years ago.

The NY Post has compiled a selection of several comments about Depp made by his acting colleagues, and here are the five most interesting ones.

Angelina Jolie: He’s so funny, he’s so fun to be with

Angelina Jolie one of the many superstar actresses, Depp starred with him, and they had a lot of fun on the set of The Tourist.

“He’s such a nice guy, so funny, so much fun to be with him,” Jolie said after filming ended.

“He is a true experimenter and a deeply feeling artist who gives a lot and is very kind on set to everyone and to his fellow actors. He’s just fun.”

Penelope Cruz: We couldn’t stop laughing

Penelope Cruz worked with Depp in several films and missed a partnership between them.

“I missed working with him all these years because we had a great experience filming Impact,” she said when she signed on to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

“Our problem was that we couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes this can really be a problem.

“I always say it’s a good challenge because, in the end, it will reflect on the chemistry of our characters.”

Orlando Bloom: I knew he would bring something unique

Orland Bloom was able to work with Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and was delighted with the chance.

“I was able to work with one of my characters and see how he does business, which was very inspiring to me at this stage of my career,” the actor later admitted.

“I knew he would bring something unique, like he always does with his roles. I just didn’t know what it was when I saw it, it was fantastic.”

Winona Ryder: I only know him as a very nice, loving and caring guy.

One of Deppformer partners Winona Ryder, who dated between 1989 and 1993 after meeting her on The Great Fireballs! premiere, later continuing to work together on other occasions.

She spoke openly about the current conflict between Depp and I heard.

“I’m not calling anyone a liar, I’m just saying that it’s difficult and insulting for me to realize this,” she said.

“We were together for four years, and for me it was a great relationship. Imagine if someone you dated when you were – I was 17 when I met him – was accused of this. It’s just shocking.

“I can only talk about my own experience, which was very different from what is being said.

“He has never, ever been like that towards me. Never insulted me. I only know him as a really nice, loving, caring guy who is very, very protective of the people he loves.”

Ellen Barkin: Johnny Depp was in control

Despite all these rave reviews, there is a colleague who publicly criticized Depp and supported I heard during this court battle Ellen Barkinwho worked with Depp on “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and had a romantic relationship with him.

“He controlled me by asking me, ‘Where are you going?’ and “Who are you dating?” she said.

“I once had a scratch on my back that made him very, very angry because he insisted that it came from me having sex with a person who wasn’t.”


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