What is the Drew League? Summer tournament featuring stars like LeBron James


AS WELL AScreated in 1973, league draw is a summer tournament in Los Angeles where many NBA stars take part every summer to stay active. This happens at the same time that the NBA Summer League is taking place, only the Drew League can include some important All-Stars from time to time.

In the 2022 issue, we received news that none other than LeBron James participates in the tournament, playing for the Cheaters team. He shares a team with a returning DeMar DeRozan. The league has grown in popularity over the years, with many famous stars taking part. A professional basketball tournament founded by Alvin Willis was held in the gymnasium of Charles R. Drew High School.

But such popularity made it impossible to hold this tournament in this school. Over the years, the Drew League has even attracted the talent of players born in countries such as China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain. This time, LeBron James returned to the Drew League for the first time in 10 years.

He was adopted as a member of the royal family with hundreds of children surrounding him. Bron had a fantastic game for the Cheaters against Black Pearl which was the third game of the day. Since 2012, King Drew Magnet Highschool has been the place where all the kids have gathered to watch some of their favorite players in this professional tournament.

Fake Kyrie & LeBron Reports.

Initial reports from this Drew League suggested that Kyrie Irving also wanted to play in the tournament. However, the Brooklyn Nets star has yet to emerge. LeBron and DeRozan were playing their game, and Kyrie didn’t show up for the game at 11am. This was stated by League Commissioner Drew Dino Smiley. ESPN that Kairi was showing up, but he later offered an update.

He has no idea where Kyrie Irving is or when he can come to the game. There is a lot of speculation about his possible future with the Lakers and fans were hoping to see him play alongside LeBron. But James only played with DeMar. We’ll keep you posted if Irving shows up, but that’s unlikely at the moment.


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