What is Tamara Falcó going to do with Íñigo Onieva’s engagement ring?


Over time, Tamara Falcó continued to cement her position as one of the key figures on the national and social stage in September. Although less than a week ago, The Marquise of Grignon Proudly showing off his engagement ring, just hours after video of the businessman kissing another girl during the festive season overshadowed the joy burning man from Nevada.A movement that sparked wedding cancellations and wiped out wedding winners chef celebrity Any trace of their wedding rings on social networks. But what will he do to her?

Tamara Falcó showing her engagement ring / Gtres

It can be said that this is the dream ring of Isabel Pressler’s daughter.Their ex mother in law His ex-partner knew this, which is why Íñigo was so relaxed when heading to the Italian company rest grab one ring continue to exist White gold, three diamonds and asymmetrical design for €14,500i.e. does not fit any pocket or buyer.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onievo / Gtres
Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onievo / Gtres

Obviously, and according to reasonas a collaborator Anthill Choose to collect her items from the little love nest she shares Oneeva Returned to Jerlomon’s house with his mother, Leaving and anchoring problematic gems in the pastIn doing so, all he expected was that Carolina Moraes’ son would leave the house and, in doing so, use the ring as a sign that his romance with the Marchioness was over for good.

That way Íñigo will realize that his ex didn’t take the ring, Tamara is responsible for making it visible on a table in her houseand thus once again closed a sadder and more disappointing stage than she could have imagined with the also known as “Queen of Hearts”.

Tamara Falcó at the Kronos Homes / Gtres event
Tamara Falcó at the Kronos Homes / Gtres event

While it’s unclear what Oneeva will do with the ring he appears to have started the road to the altar with Tamara Falco, the truth is that his split with Carlos Falco’s daughter doesn’t appear to be returning choose. Here’s what she said during another appearance at a Kronos Homes real estate event, where she detailed her position to the media due to her ex-partner’s infidelity: “I’m glad to have now. If the news is When it came out when I was married or had family, that would be horrible. I decided to bet on my ex until I actually saw it was true,” she noted, and she later assured her she had complete trust A boyfriend she doesn’t know now, and she has no intention of going back to the past for him: “I don’t think it’s possible to go back to Íñigo.”


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