What is Boxing Day and why is it celebrated with football in the UK?

I amin 2021/22 Premier League In the season 9 of 10 matches of the 19th round of the Premier League will take place on Boxing Day, which is arguably one of the greatest sports traditions in Great Britain.

The Premier League is the only major soccer competition where players are not given a break during this holiday period, as league games are scheduled for Christmas and New Years.

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day falls on December 26, that is, the day after Christmas. This is a national holiday in the UK and is carried over to Monday and Tuesday if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, respectively.

Why is it called Boxing Day?

The name comes from the tradition of wealthy families to box and give gifts to their servants the day after Christmas. The servants would then give these boxes to their families as a Christmas present. Although it was originally the day that craftsmen gave gifts to the poor, it has now become a popular shopping day in the UK.

Why is Boxing Day celebrated with football in the UK?

It used to be that British teams contested football matches over Christmas, but this custom changed back in the 1950s when December 25 was considered exclusively a family day. As such, the last ever Christmas soccer game took place back in 1957, when Boxing Day soccer became a tradition in the UK.

“We played football on Christmas because it was a day off and there was a tradition of public events for the working class,” said the history professor. Martin Jones

“Sometimes it was played on Boxing Day, that is, two games in two days.

“Public entertainment was clearly on the wane as the festival took root more and more in the home.

“Football is only being pushed back to Boxing Day as Christmas becomes more family-oriented and, more importantly, public transport becomes more and more limited.”

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