What happened to Denisse Peña, the little Evelyn of ‘El Internado’: television to be all the rage in the networks


Denise Pena played little Evelyn in ‘Boarding’ and that fitted very well with the public, with whom she enjoyed fame from an early age. Now more than 10 years have passed since the last chapter of this well-known series and it seems that he succeeded in sweeping his social networks.

What happened to Denisse Peña, the actress of ‘El Internado’?

We met her when she was little one of the most legendary series of the TV Spanish. ‘El Internado’ marked an entire generation and there are still many viewers who fondly remember the characters of it. There he met fame and since then He continued to work in the theater world.

now the young He is 23 and in addition to working on ‘El Internado’, we have been able to see her in great productions such as “Cable Girls” or in “Serve and Protect”, with a secondary role in the series. It seems that his CV is growing and that many are following his work. Even with that, where cause a real outcry via their social networks.

This actress has become a real influencer and adds more than 200,000 followers on his Instagram. This social network is witness to everything that has changed over time and few people would think that it has been more than a decade since ‘El Internado’ closed broadcasting in Spain.

With a completely renewed look since we first saw it on screen, now Share more details about your looks, routines and projects through your networks. This combines with her facet as an actress and it seems that during these years she has been able to exploit both senses, gaining popularity and creating a community that accompanies her through the screen.

Thanks to the space he managed to create on his social networks, now collaborates with various brands that match his style and showcase outfits, events, and products to your followers. Many have been encouraged to follow her in recent years and it seems that her popularity has steadily increased, until she became a well-known influencer on the Spanish scene.

It will be time to wait to discover her new projects as an actress and it is that with a life of dedication to this sector, she has great experience to continue growing and evolving with the years to come.

We will remain more than attentive to their networks and without being able to avoid it, we will fall under the spell of certain looks that they display through them. Moreover, it has many spectators who expect to see new opportunities at the hands of this actress whom we knew years ago through the small screen.


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