What did Zemmour do to Jewish names

Everyone is thinking about it. But no one seems to be willing to talk about it. Zemore is Jewish.

Among the questions raised by his candidacy, what does being a Jew mean to fate France. Things are very subtle.

But I don’t want us, no matter how subtle it is, to avoid asking ourselves questions: not even asking what phenomena reveal A political system at the limit of its power; Nor is it used this fighter to split the remaining republican rights in France; nor is it a refurbished version looming on the famous horizon 43’s call Moved in 1974 Chaban-Delmas And, by 2021, it is possible to grab the spoils of the Republican Party; nor, finally, about the thoughts he wields, the stigma spit out of his mouth, or when he affirms that this country has “nothing to do with the fate of Afghan women” The painful thoughts about France cultivated, or “they will never know” the truth about the Dreyfus case, otherwise the country should not condemn his murdered little angel Mohamed Mela, Was buried in Jerusalem by his parents.

If necessary, I will express myself about each of these evil deeds. And, like the young Mussolini, he had the opportunity to argue with him when he was young, A reporter who reveled in himself, I know his skills very well, I can put them back on the table when the time is right, if the bubble slowly shrinks.

But today I want to raise another question. What Mr. Zemmour did to this Jewish name, consciously or unconsciously.

I want to think calmly and calmly.If optimistic, people would say that the voters who have begun to divide are not the voters of Pecres, but Le Pen, Where, forty years after its appearance National Front, This is not necessarily bad news.

If you are in the mood to smile, you will find that the ancient anti-Semitism far-right has given yourself a champion, and he answered a category of people who are not exactly this type, which is very interesting.

I watched him enter the swamp and muddy area French Fascism Sometimes it splashes like a fish in the water

Maybe there are even romantic lovers who marvel and say that such a fable can only come from one Philip Rose (exist Operation Sherlock) or Romain Gary (What’s in Genghis Cohen’s dance, Imagine a former Nazi possessed and became a puppet of a ventriloquist, turning into a Evil spirit By a small Jewish survivor catastrophe).

On the other hand, there will be pessimists who see this person riding on the worst obsession of the extreme right, and they worry that this identification will react in a way that encourages anti-Semitism on the extreme left. The moment he appears, Zemmour will become one of the victims.

There is no doubt that one day historians will see an extreme case of the mechanism he described in this matter. Hannah ArendtWe see so many Israelis so madly in love with their own Frenchization, just like Proust’s Bloch, they are ashamed of themselves!We saw German Jews taking their World War I helmets out of the closet when the Nazis arrived in 1933 beer.

Why not a Zemore with parents like me, Deprived of nationality by the Vichy government Now who is yelling Petain on TV to protect them? But the hottest issues are still in other parts of the world.

I observed that he was keen to embrace the words of Barrès and Maurras, as if he wanted Tear my eyes off the synagogue On the front line of Notre Dame martyrdom.

I watched him enter the swamp and muddy area French Fascism Sometimes it splashes in the water like a fish in the water, and sometimes it kicks a ball in the water like the Bonaparte playground on the Arcol bridge.

I saw him trample on everything and morality, responsibility to others or That ancient and beautiful posture that once attracted Jewish heritage France is a shining image of foreigners on the planet, and he should inspire our hospitality towards immigrants.
In that crime, something chilled the blood.

Five years ago, I said to American Jews who were tempted by Trumpism: to ally with these people, give up judgment in the face of such vulgarity, and bow to the palace of the evil shepherd who only respects power, money, plaster and gold. This is almost a suicidal behavior.

Well, today I want to say to the Jews in France that they want to know themselves through the fatal simplification of Éric Zemmour: His nationalism and racist arrogance; Their cruelty; He gave up the generosity of Jews; Vulnerability to Jews: humanity and strangeness to Jews; His ignorance is not so much the reading card he absorbed, as the real science engraved with blood in family memory , And the need to have reservations about the tornadoes of history and the acid spray of persecution, all of which is an offense. As long as he does not explicitly get rid of it, every Jew will carry this Jewish name.

There is no doubt that Mr. Zemmour was not the first to make us think You can be Jewish or you can be super popular.

Fortunately, there will always be certain Jews who oppose him and tell him that before that Crowdel’s Dilemma or Talmud, Crowder didn’t want to choose.

The fact is that seeing this man’s wave, obsession, and dark elation not only desecrated his name, but also became the standard-bearer of the hope that the Jews have been fighting for for thousands of years. It is unbearable obscenity.

Political disaster is in sight. But there is also danger in the metaphysical dwellings, since time, there has been a bit of human and French meaning.


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