What did Meghan Markle say to King Charles III in her letter?

BUTAccording to the royal reporter, Duchess of Sussex allegedly asked King Charles III for a one-on-one meeting “clear the air” before return to California.

‘Very good source’ allegedly told entertainment and royal reporter Neil Sean what Meghan Markle the request was formalized in a formal letter. Neil Shawn appeared on NBCNews, MSNBC, as well as Access Hollywood.

“Now she would like to have a one-on-one meeting with King Charles III before they return to California,” Sean said in a video posted to YouTube. “That’s right, Megan is one on one with King Charles III. You heard right.”

“And that’s what’s interesting. According to this good source, it was done in a formal letter, which is how you write to the king. Now you have to admire Meghan’s self-confidence, no matter what you think,” he added.

Sean said the letter would be “an opportunity to clear things up, separate good from evil, and explain some of the reasons for what they’ve been doing for the past two years.”

“To be honest, we have no idea if this will continue,” he said. “It’s a very brave move by Meghan herself.”

Meghan Markle’s actions at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

The Duchess of Sussex paid a touching tribute to her grandmother while maintaining restraint during the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II.

The mother of two children arrived in Westminster Hall to duty on Monday in an all-black ensemble, heels of the same shade and a wide-brimmed hat.

However, she did not hesitate to pay tribute Her Majesty wearing a set of sparkly diamond earrings she received when she was still a working member of the royal family.

During a controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey Last year, Meghan previously stressed how much earrings meant to her.

“The queen, for example, has always been beautiful to me. I mean, we had one of our first engagements together. She asked me to join her,” she said.

Prince Harry in the British press: “It’s all a lie”

“That morning we had breakfast together and she gave me a wonderful gift and I just really enjoyed being in her company. And I remember we were in the car. She gave me some beautiful pearl earrings and a matching necklace.”