What did Bruce Willis do with his luxury real estate because of aphasia?


The is a famous Hollywood actor Bruce Willis has been dealing with his newly known health issues for some time after he went public that he diagnosed with aphasia.

Star of movies like Saga “Die Hard” was preparing for the moment when his health would deteriorate sharply, for which he began sold almost all of his luxury properties years ago, according to Page Six.

Bruce Willis pulls out of filming due to aphasia

Willis, 67, announced this week through his family that he retires from acting after being diagnosed with aphasiaa language disorder caused by brain damage that causes an inability or difficulty in communicating through speech, writing, or facial expressions.

In recent years, Willis and his wife Emma Heming appear to have sold most of their properties, located in places like New York City, worth about $65 million.

What property did Bruce Willis sell?

Among the properties sold by the actor are properties in Westchester, NY for $7.66 million, a 6,000-square-foot six-bedroom duplex in Central Park West for $17.75 million, a mountain home in Sun Valley, Idaho, for $5.5 million. , as well as a $27 million Turks and Caicos resort and a $6 million piece of land on Parrot Cay.

However, in 2019, Willis and his wife bought a new $9.8 million mansion in Brentwood, California to build their home next to their family.

“Bruce has been preparing for this moment for a long time. He knew there would come a time when his health would deteriorate and his earning capacity would not be as great as it used to be,” a source told Page Six.


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