What criminal responsibility does Alec Baldwin face for the death of Halina Hutchins on the set of Rust?

Alec Baldwin El actorwho pulled the trigger of the screw pistol during filming “Rust” in New Mexico and accidentally killed the cameraman and injured the director, most likely, he will not be held criminally or civilly liable for the tragedy.

But Alec Baldwin, producer perhaps, along with several others, in leadership positions in Western countries.

Experts are predicting huge legal consequences of the tragedy, definitely in civil lawsuits and possibly criminal cases. In addition to Baldwin, the record sheet for the day of filming. received by the Associated Press lists five producers, four executive producers, a line producer and a co-producer. They, as well as the assistant director Dave Halls and gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez, everyone could face some kind of responsibility, even if they were not there on Thursday.

Benefits that may be partially covered by the insurance of the manufacturing company, Rust Movie Productions – most likely will be in “millions and millions” of dollars

“There was obvious negligence on set,” he said. Adam Winkler, professor at the University of California Los Angeles School of Law and expert on weapons policy. “The producers had to keep the team safe. There were obvious dangers on the set. ”

A woman fatally wounded by a firearm on the set of Rust in New Mexico, produced by Alec Baldwin.AP

Authorities said on Friday that Assistant Director Halls handed the weapon over to Baldwin and declared “melee weapons” indicating that they could be used safely. But it was loaded with live ammunition. Cinematographer Galina Hutchins was fatally wounded, and director Joel Sousa, who was standing behind her, was injured.

Baldwin, known for his roles in “30 rock” and “The Hunt for Red October” and his impression of the former President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” described the murder as “Tragic accident”.

The production of Rust was controversial from the start in early October, and included seven crew members who left the set hours before filming began. V Los angeles timesciting two crew members, whose names he did not name, said that five days before the shooting, Baldwin’s backup accidentally fired two live rounds after being told the pistol was out of ammunition.

Production company Rust Movie Productions has said it is collaborating with Santa Fe authorities in their investigation. Bye Baldwin, other producers, assistant director and gunsmith can be called parties in a civil action, not everyone can be held liable – especially if they played no role in the safety aspects of production or had only the credit of vanity. Plaintiffs are likely to chase the production company’s deeper pockets.

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