What comic is the new Thor movie Love and Thunder based on?


What is Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic’s The Butcher of the Gods Saga and why is it so connected to the Thor movie? love and thunder What will be released on July 8th? This saga represents the phase of the Thor comics that began in 2013 with Jason Aaron at the helm with the script and with Esad Ribić at the helm of art, and which has several elements that were seen in the trailer for the new Marvel Universe movie. .

What are these elements? First of all, the one who a priori will be the worst guy in the film, that is, the character of Gorra, played by the master of acting and the eternal Batman Christian Bale. It is this Gorr who is the Butcher of the Gods that Thor will face in the comic we are going to parse today at Libertad Digital. Also, while Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) who takes up the hammer and becomes the “new Thor” plays a fundamental role in this saga, especially in the third volume of The Goddess Thor, though she is not in this first volume of this saga. Thunder, and in the fourth Thunder through the veins. But today we’ll focus on the Butcher of the Gods, who turned Thor’s adventures on its head thanks to Jason Aaron.


Technical details: 304 pages. Hard cover. Marvel is deluxe now. Includes Thor: God of Thunder 1-12 USA. Jason Aaron (screenplay), Esad Ribic (art, ink), Nick Klein (art, ink), Jackson Guys (art), Ive Svorchina (color), Tom Palmer (ink), Dean White (color). Publishing house, Panini. Price: 28.95.

History of different eras with three Torahs

One of the reasons this story is featured in the Thor stories before and after, and why it was so successful, is because of its screenplay. The history is fascinating. We will see three Thors fighting against an “unknown” enemy, the fearsome and extremist Gorr, who will destroy the gods for millennia because of the intense hatred he feels for them. On this journey, which includes time travel, we will see Thor at different stages. One is like a young god (still without his hammer Mjolnir) who has a good time killing, drinking and partying with the Vikings. Another with Thor from the Avengers. And finally, the scene with the elder Thor, the father of everything and destroyed by the events experienced and the mistakes made in the past.


Gorr will be the link between the three parts, and the interaction we’ll see with them is a treat to get to know Thor’s character in a way and with a depth of storytelling that hasn’t been explored in this way so far. From the wildest and sexiest youth to the most tormented old age, passing the golden mean, in which we will see the most famous hero Thor from the Avengers to date. All this on a mission to end an incredible foe that will push Thor to the limit, causing him to feel anger, rage, frustration and fear in a way a god like him is not used to.

Gorr, a Fascinating Enemy

We still don’t know what approach director Taika Waititi will take in the film, but in the Butcher of the Gods comic, Gorr is terrible. And in order for a comic to sometimes cause fear, you need a great drawing, and this is where the genius of Esad Ribich comes into play, which gives Aaron’s Gorr the legendary ferocity and deadly stamina. In addition to Ribic, we also have drawings and inks from Nick Klein, Jackson Guys, Quince Sworchina, Tom Palmer and Dean White.


Every hero needs a good villain, and this is it. In addition, we will learn the origin of his hatred of the gods and, as with the three Thors, Gorr will show us his evolution through those time travels that place him in different eras. There is no good superhero story without a great villain. It has.

epic drawing

I have mentioned this before, but I will repeat it again. The drawing of Ribic and company in this volume is a marvel. From the first story we see Thor with the Vikings, we can already see where the footage will go. It completely immerses you in the story, which is necessary to enjoy a good screenplay, and it has vignettes in “intro” format that will leave you speechless. In fact, the film copied one of the most recognizable and epic vignettes of this comic almost verbatim.

This one in particular:


On the other hand, there are battles on the ground and in the sky between Thor and Gorr. Impressive! And it goes from smaller to larger without losing that epic and magical character that a good story about a god like Thor should have.

Thinking about the gods

We’ve talked about the plot, the two main characters, four if you count all the Thors and Gorrs, and now, to finish the review, it’s time to talk about the backstory of this story. Is the Butcher of the Gods right to do what he does? Are the gods so selfish that we would be better off without them? Well, that’s the theme of this work by Jason Aaron, and it makes perfect sense in my opinion. This is not an easy topic. This is not a superficial topic. Doubt is the lot of smart people, so asking this question is perfectly legal. In this comic, we’ll do that, and for me, that’s part of its charm.


The butcher of the gods, apart from his other virtues in scripting, drawing and the beginning of a great saga, he also has his own cultural and religious background, and this will give us and the characters food for thought. In conclusion, this is a wonderful comic that has everything you need to be a great essential piece of work in your comic book library. Now it remains to be seen whether the film will meet the requirements.


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