What Are the Best Neighborhoods in St. Albert, Alberta?

The St. Albert community is well renowned for being a fantastic area to establish and raise a family because of its amenities and surroundings. You should seriously consider relocating to St. Albert if you’re seeking a place to raise a family or simply want to experience a sense of community away from the clamor of a big city. Even though St. Albert’s property tax is on the high side compared to the rest of Canada, it is still a reasonably priced city to live in. The average property price in Canada is $600,000, whereas St Albert real estate is around $400,000 This area is often affordable because the cost of living is likewise quite consistent. St. Albert’s people do not frequently see abrupt increases in the cost of their essentials, which helps to explain why it is generally affordable.

One of the top cities in Canada to live in, St. Albert constantly receives excellent rankings. It was named the best community in Alberta to live in. Family-friendly St. Albert is an excellent spot to settle down and establish a family. The area is close enough to Edmonton to provide all the advantages and conveniences without any of the drawbacks of living there, and it offers a tranquil, family-friendly ambiance. Read on a few of the best neighborhoods in St. Albert. 

Lacombe Park

A sizable neighborhood in the heart of St. Albert is called Lacombe Park. It is distinguished by having a variety of housing options (single-family, townhouse, duplex, and condo), lots of parks and open spaces, schools, and commercial services. There are schools in the neighborhood for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Lacombe Park, the largest neighborhood in St. Albert, has 7,500 residents with a 42.10 median age. The majority of people reside in single-family detached homes and the typical home costs around $500,000.

Erin Ridge

While St. Albert was interested in undertaking some of its own annexing, it had no wish to be annexed by Edmonton (for further information, see the history of Akinsdale). In 1980, the lands for Erin Ridge were annexed, resulting in the addition of one of St. Albert’s biggest neighborhoods. With a population of 5,960 and an average age of 40.50, Erin Ridge is located on the northern edge of the city. Beautiful vistas are provided by centralized parks and green spaces for low- and medium-income dwellings. The Sturgeon Community Hospital and St. Albert Trail form the lower west corner of the neighborhood’s commercial corridor. Compared to some of the other communities, Erin Ridge has more expensive homes, with the median list price over $500,000.


The St. Albert population boom halted as the 1970s came to an end. Housing demand remained high, so there was still a need for building, but it was less urgent to build right now, so more time could be spent on creative planning. Because of this, Pineview, a small neighborhood on the northeast edge of the city, has a distinctive, picturesque appearance. The neighborhood’s center has not yet reached its full potential because Pineview was built with expansion in mind. The majority of the housing stock consists of single-family homes priced around $340,000, with middle-class neighborhoods centered on the north side.