‘Wet land’, a novel of action, history and passion


Editorial Actas presents its latest editorial novelty: “Tierra mojada” by Manuel Júlvez, a journey from rural Spain in the 19th century to Baler’s exploit on the last possessions of the Philippines. But above all, it is an inner journey of the protagonist in search of the essence of lost childhood and of an ideal.

Valero, Valerico ”his sister called him when he was little and everything seemed simple. The story begins in an Aragonese village at the end of the 19th century. But very quickly, the young shepherd, hardened by the harshness of a world that makes no concessions to the weak, will face reality, for which no one has prepared him.

Wet ground is a novel that mixes the story of a decadent Spain with that of one of the thousands of young people sent to wars overseas. The reader will discover a protagonist who will know pain, misery; He will face the darkest human heart, but he will also experience love, companionship, loyalty and sacrifice. Life in its most austere and, at the same time, fascinating face.

From rural Spain, passing through the city of Zaragoza to the small and mythical church of Baler, in the Philippines, Manuel Julvez recounts with agile, detailed and vibrant prose, the initiatory journey of a young shepherd. The search for the essence of a lost childhood and that of an ideal which becomes the most real and the most terrible, without ceasing to be fascinating.

All of this masterfully told in a plot where the characters are well constructed and interesting. Where the strength of Valero is recognized and the courage of the women who, from his childhood, gave him the courage to resist. Straddling the historical novel, love and passions, epic and fiction, Wet ground It’s an easy-to-read novel that leaves a good impression. It is the first novel by Manuel Júlvez. It reflects his literary obsessions and his reading tastes. It has been said of his style that, even if he is direct and anxious to capture interest from the first pages, he leaves room for neat and quality literature.


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