‘Wednesday’: Jenna Ortega Filmed That Iconic Dance Scene With COVID


Jenna Ortega is quickly becoming the scream queen of Gen Z. Her latest role as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series wednesday adds another dark role to her ever-growing resume. The 20-year-old has successfully reimagined the beloved character while also embodying the characteristics that make Wednesday, Wednesday. Ortega’s version of the Addams’ daughter has plenty of intelligence, deadpan delivery, and dark interests. However, Ortega managed to add some new elements to her rendition of her character. A good example of this is the iconic dance scene in episode 4.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday dancing at the Rave’N in ‘Wednesday’ | via Netflix

Jenna Ortega started preparing for ‘Wednesday’ months before she began filming

Ortega might make it look easy, but starring in wednesday was hardly a cakewalk. In fact, The Fallout Actor began preparing for the titular role months before the cameras started rolling. Because her character de ella is so skilled, Ortega started taking lessons so she could believably embody her character de ella. She took fencing lessons and cello lessons months before she started shooting and continued those lessons throughout filming.


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