Wedding is coming: Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel are getting married, according to Mexican media


Although just a few days ago, Paloma Cuevas erroneously revealed Luis Miguel Even with an engagement ring, he would ask her to marry him, and now people know the message may be more relevant than ever.It was on the other side of the pond that rumours started ringing suggesting a connection between exes Henry Ponce The singer may be getting closer.

Paloma Cuevas and Ponce with Luis Miguel and Genoveva / Gtres

This is Mexico’s plan first hand information Expose the person in charge Puerto Ricans have ‘kneeled’ to Paloma, and she’ll say yeswhich is why they can immerse themselves in the process of two wedding ceremonies, one in Spain and the other in Mexico:”There have been a lot of rumors lately and I can confirm that this week Luis Miguel gave Paloma Cueva an engagement rings”, they promised first, with more details on this alleged link later: “They’re getting ready for a wedding, I don’t know if it’s because of the church, but it’s probably a wedding in Spain, a wedding in Mexico.i can confirm”, journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante settled in complete safety.

Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce/Gtres
Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce smile / Gtres

In this way, Paloma Cuevas will completely knock on the door of love with the bullfighter and start a new love story with the artist. This is the second time she walks through the altar with the biggest fantasy. When the right-handed guy had an affair with his current girlfriend, Ana Soria, knowing nothing about her ex’s love life, was a mystery to the media until her meeting starring Luis Miguel began to come to light. Dating would go further, with Paloma herself using her Instagram account to inadvertently criticize Mercedes Villado, a model that until recently had been associated with translation.

Mercedes Villado / Instagram Stories
Paloma Cuevas Appears Mercedes Verrado Story / Instagram

in a post Genova Casanovaone user mentioned Cuevas and questioned whether he had given any explanation to his daughters for his proximity to Luis Miguel, also referring to the previous friendship between the Unity singer and Enrique Ponce: “If your ex-husband has been with kids. Luis Miguel gave the ring to Paloma. I can confirm because I know, but she hasn’t said it yet. All our friends know it’s platonic love, it’s always been her , now she’s free. Sorry Mercedes, that ring isn’t for you”, Victoriano Valencia’s daughter wrote without hesitation, implying that she was confused in admitting the message was highly compromising with her profile Instagram account.


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