Weather warning: Sunburn threat as Wales braces for extreme heat


Weather warning: Sunburn threat as Wales braces for extreme heat

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Owi didn’t think about the severity of sunburn

A mum has warned parents to be careful as their children enjoy the hot weather after her 10-year-old son suffered a severe sunburn.

Rhian Wyn Lane said her son, Owi, plays in the paddling pool and wears sunscreen all day.

But when he woke up the next morning, he was sick and badly sunburned.

Friday Monday Amber extreme heat warning Extending across Wales on Monday and Tuesday, temperatures of 38C (100F) are expected in some areas.

In England, the Met Office has issued a red extreme heat warning next week as temperatures could reach 40C (104F).

“They wear sunscreen a lot, but it’s not enough”

Rhian, from Porthmadog, Gwynedd, said her children were “in and out of the pool all day…they put on sunscreen a lot, but it wasn’t enough”.

“No matter how much sunscreen you put on, you’re still going to get burned,” she adds.

After five days, the burned skin turned into painful blisters.

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Owi said he played in the paddling pool during the day but woke up the next morning in pain

Owi said he didn’t think it was possible to “burn that much” in the pool and would wear a T-shirt in the sun in the future.

Rhian is now urging parents to be aware of the dangers of playing in the sun.

She posted a photo of Owi’s burnt skin on Facebook “to remind people how important it is to not only apply sunscreen but also to check the bottle”.

Rhian showing a blister on Owi's back

Owi gets an ointment to try to soothe ‘extremely painful’ sores

Experts say children should apply at least 30 times or more of sunscreen.

Cardiff consultant plastic surgeon Dr Hywel Dafydd warned of the long-term dangers of sunburn.

“In the past two weeks, we have seen 30 children seek help after getting sunburned,” he said. “At the same time last year, we only had five.

Dr. Hywel Dafydd

Dr Hywel Dafydd says sunburn can cause skin cancer

“So more children are already suffering this year. In terms of long-term damage, skin cancer is increasing year by year, so the long-term impact is increasing. »

Extreme heat weather warning for Wales wide amber

One Orange Weather Alert It will be implemented in east Wales on Sunday, with temperatures expected to exceed 30C (86F).

The amber warning has been extended to all parts of Wales on Monday and Tuesday, with highs of 38C (100F) expected in Havarden, Flintshire.

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Temperatures set to surpass Wales’ previous record of 35.2C (95.4F)

The Welsh Ambulance Service said it was “concerned” by the expected increase in emergency calls.

The service’s director of operations told BBC Radio Wales there had been a 10 per cent increase in breakfast activity over the past five days compared to the previous week.

Welsh Ambulance Service Operations Manager Lee Brooks

Welsh Ambulance Service’s Lee Brooks says people should enjoy hot weather ‘responsibly’

“What makes us anxious is that if you look at last July, when we had a heat wave, there was a 17 percent increase in activity this month compared to last July,” Lee Brooks said. “So we expect a busy period. »

Mr Brooks said there had been a marked increase in life-threatening emergencies related to breathing problems and chest pains.

“We definitely want people to have the best time during our summer…but we also want people to do it responsibly and not increase services that are already very tight.”

Wayne Stephens, owner of Stradey Arms Bar and RestaurantImage Source, B.C.

Enjoy beer gardens, but not too long in extreme heat, pub owner warns

Wayne Stephens, owner of Llanelli’s Stradey Arms bar and restaurant, said he was looking forward to a “busy weekend”.

“Whenever it’s hot, the beer garden is full and it’s great to see people hanging out and having fun.

“Obviously, we’re advising people not to spend all their time outside in the heat, but to come in and cool off. There’s going to be a lot of water here. »

trip interruption

The Great Western Railway (GWR) has issued a travel warning as heat-related speed limits in the region are expected to impact rail services.

He also said trains would be busier and some trips would be cancelled at short notice.

Great Western Railway train on the platformImage Source, PA medium

Company asks passengers to bring extra water and plan their trip

Train journeys between Newport and Bristol Park Road will be replaced by buses on Sunday.

As a result, GWR will allow ticket holders to ride its services on Mondays and Tuesdays, but instead travel on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Customers delayed by 15 minutes may also be entitled to compensation.

release water to save fish

Meanwhile, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is releasing extra water into the Wye River to protect fish during the hot season.

NRW operations manager Ann Weedy said prolonged periods of dry weather could result in low river levels, which could severely impact fish.

Less water can lead to overpopulation, leaving fish vulnerable to disease and predators.

It also increases the risk of algal blooms, which can lead to less oxygen in the water and kill more fish.

Additional water will be released from the Caban Coch Reservoir to fill the Wye River as shownImage Source, Fabian Musto/Geographer

Additional water will be released from the Caban Coch Reservoir to fill the Wye River as shown

“The climate emergency is real and we can expect to see more extreme events like this in the future,” Ms Widdy said.

The water release started on Friday and will continue through Monday.

Water flows from the Caban Coch Reservoir in Powys to Afon Elan and then to Wye.

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