We try Matsuya’s beef stroganoff, only available in select locations, and learn something about Matsuya


A beef stew dish that isn’t a curry? We’ve been waiting for this!

When you’re craving a hearty, meaty meal, there are few better places to turn to than the Matsuya fast food chain. With beef, chicken and pork on the menu for less than 700 yen (US$5) per dish, you really can’t go wrong with filling your belly there.

What’s even better is that now selected restaurants are testing very fancy sounding ones “Beef stroganoff”. Only 69 stores nationwide serve this dish, and the advertisements make it look absolutely delicious. “Large pieces of cut steak” and “soft, thinly sliced ​​beef” stewed in “high-quality sauce full of richness” … Subscribe!

Since he hasn’t seen a stew-style beef dish that isn’t a curry in a long time, our Japanese-language reporter Tasuku Egawa immediately took up the matter. He went to the nearest cut beef stroganoff restaurant and noticed its poster in the window.

▼ “Double beef and a rich, delicious sauce.”

The dish is offered with standard rice (850 yen), large rice (910 yen), and a low-carb version with vegetables instead of rice (850 yen). It seems that only the volume of the rice changes depending on the size, not the amount of strogan.

Tasuku ordered it with a large rice. Apparently, it takes some time to preparebut this was Matsuya where nothing lasts more than 10 minutes. Still, Tasuku proved himself posters in the restaurantwhich somehow managed to catch his attention.

▼ “Actually four years ago we started secretly cutting our onions into wedges. This is common in households, but takes a surprisingly long time to prepare, so it is actually unusual in the food industry.

Tasuku stared at the poster for a long time, trying in vain to remember what the onion pieces looked like four years ago. He vaguely remembered doing a comparative article in the past, and remembered that the type of onion Matsuya used tended to disintegrate in the stewing process. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t remember.

Another puzzling aspect revealed in the poster was the idea that onions take longer to cut into eighths. Do they cut them by hand? Can’t machines do this cut? It was strangely interesting.

As Tasuku pondered this information, he came across another poster.

▼ “56 years of change. Including those we can count, the current broth is the 32nd iteration.

“Does that mean they change their beef bowl soup once a year or two?!” Tasuku wondered. Now that he thought about it, there might have been a moment when he thought the taste was a bit different.

As these revelations caught his attention, his cut beef stroganoff with large rice arrived in no time.

The goulash came with nice generous servings of ingredients.

The onion was cut into relatively large pieces (wedges?).

They were five or six pieces of beefwhich was flat like this and also diced.

As Tasuku picked up a piece with his chopsticks, he felt it a little hard. After biting him, Tasuku stated that while he had a certain hardness about him, he wouldn’t say he wasn’t soft either.

It sure looked like sliced ​​steak. It didn’t have the thick fat like the other cuts, and it didn’t have an overly soft, shredded texture either. It was proper beef through and through.

Plus the stew itself was lovely. Just look at that glow!

It wasn’t too sticky, so Tasuku thought it would be lighter, but when he tried it, it turned out to be surprisingly oily to the touch and a very rich taste. The ads weren’t lying when they mentioned “thick deliciousness.” It was a flavor with a lot of depth, and no matter how many spoonfuls he ate, every bite was full of meaty umami. Mixed with a large rice, this is sure to be a satisfying meal!

Without a doubt, this is a meal for the masses. If you have a local Matsuya serving Cut Steak Beef Stroganoff, you should definitely stop by and give it a try! Tasuku thinks that the colder the weather, the better the taste will be.

Could it be as popular as the fan favorite Gorogoro Chicken Curry? Only time will tell.

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