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And yes, that’s right, since April 19, 2021, Texas lost some of its manhood by the revelation of Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar: They, too, have finally succumbed to the “light” revolution, and that is why they are now helping to save the world of obesity America. After all, the drink was originally introduced in the 19th century in its first advertisements as somewhat medical, for example, “by digestion and restoring vitality and vitality.” To support these virtues, it is probably also the fact that the letters “Dr” were added: the creator was not a doctor, nor was he called a pepper.

If in 1885 Dr Pepper was a year ahead of Coca Cola production, this time the Texas drink was sixteen years behind its Georgian neighbor in terms of “calorie-free” drinks. So diabetics will also be able to taste these brown and caffeine pleasures again.

Yippee Dr. Pepper Zero tastes worse than Dr. Pepper ?

A little worse, fans should be thrilled! Of course, we’re joking, America wouldn’t be America without the very special taste of this frozen Dr. Pepper, who “Dave Robicheaux” (an anonymous former alcoholic) descends in a flash in Louisiana Bay under the pen of James Lee Burke (1). That means we tested “Dr Pepper zero” for you, but we still wouldn’t risk the “Cherry Zero” or “Cream Soda Zero” variant, because you can’t drink there normally, unless you’re from Texas.


1 – If you like detective novels, hurry to read it!


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