“We swore never to leave each other” – Lady brings food to angry boyfriend says they swore an oath (Video)


A woman took the internet by storm after sharing a video of herself feeding a crazy man she claimed was her lover.

The woman identified as Vinash Blinkz revealed that they had sworn to themselves to be together until death, so she can’t leave him alone.

In his words:

“We swore to ourselves that only death can part us so I can’t leave him alone.”

This caused mixed reactions from netizens, as many couldn’t believe it. Some said she’s just looking for influence, while others sympathized and prayed for her.

@chineduume1 said: “see clean boxer wey crazy person wear…
for the girl your boyfriend is crazy for leaving you and wearing dirty clothes 😂😂😂😂.”

@johnessel08 said: “I always see real love in movies and videos, why yyyyyyyyy Hmmmm.”

@helen_seba7 said: “and I almost believed it until I saw the clean underwear 🥴. 😄.”

@hawakemokai12 said “Make that he went against your oaths that’s why he went crazy 😏 if not na content.”

@koramadampomaa said: “This madman is handy and can make a necklace out of bottles. hey Abigail wo papa da wa se.jx for views and likes 😂😂😂😂😂😂”.

@user6335822038506 said: “not true, I won’t believe it.”

See video below:


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