We speak Spanish qualifies as “nonsense” the sentence that supports 100% in Catalan and appeals to the Supreme


The Association We speak Spanish and the Salvador Iglesias, father of the Majorcan student forced to follow all the subjects in Catalan, will present an appeal to the Supreme Court against the judgment rendered this Monday by the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands rejecting the request that at least 25% of the subjects in Spanish. We speak Spanish call this phrase “crazy”.

Salvador Iglesias had requested that, as a precautionary measure, his daughter could already have 25% of her class hours in Spanish this year, but the contentious administrative chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJB) issued an order rejecting the request . Has been a controversial decision that supports the Catalan language immersion applied by the government of Francina Armengol in the Balearic Islands. It is also a condemnation with the vote against two of the five magistrates, two magistrates in this case, who considered that the precautionary measure requested should be taken.

The student’s father is the coordinator in the Balearic Islands of Hablamos Español and was the first in the Balearic Islands to go to court to claim 25% of the subjects in Spanish. Given the delay of the Superior Court of the Balearic Islands in reaching a decision, Iglesias had requested the adoption of precautionary measures which have now been refused.

Glory Lake, The president of Hablamos Español, described as “crazy” the sentence of the Superior Court of the Balearic Islands and ratified the imminent presentation of the appeal to the Supreme Court. “It’s a shame because now the process is delayed while students are forced to study all subjects in Catalan”Lago told OKDIARIO.

Lago added that now “the procedure continues its course, since the Chamber does not enter into the merits of the procedure and opens the door for us to go to the Supreme Court. In this way, we will be able to open the possibility of shortening the procedures for all the families, those of the cases that we already have at the TSJB and those that can be incorporated.

In a press release, Hablamos Español highlights the particular vote of two magistrates “who consider that the precautionary measures must be granted since all the conditions for this are met”.

In the same statement, Gloria Lago said: “We know that the road to respect for the law and non-discrimination against Spanish-speaking students is difficult, because in Spain fanaticism and political interests take precedence over human rights. students’ rights and their better education, but from Hablamos Español we will fight with the intensity and the time it takes”.


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