We solved the mystery of the Primark low-cost home series We solved the mystery of the Primark low-cost home series


The latest decoration trend lovers are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the latest models Primark low-cost furniture seriesAlthough the brand itself never confirmed the specific date when the product went on sale, the truth is that the last post of this Irish brand caused a real madness among its customers by using a simple word that seemed to change everything; available. This is the ins and outs, In Europe’s Instagram account and its homepage, the word “available” is added to every post Sound all the alarms. So much so that immediately many curious people were encouraged to see with their own eyes the news that should have been provided at different points of sale. According to reports, the capsule will arrive (Gran Via and Plenilunio in Madrid, Málaga, Granada and Zaragoza).

The double-sided table rattan fruit bowl rattan rack rattan rack in the Primark / Primark deco series

However, then wait for the corresponding queue to enter (for example in the Gran Via Madrid store or in the Plenilunio shopping center), The surprise for those who are interested in getting some furniture and decorations that can be foreseen already on sale is huge, because they are not available under any circumstances As guaranteed by the Irish house’s Instagram account. It’s not the signboard of the 70-Euro rattan cabinet, and it’s not the iron lamp with the head of Mickey Mouse that everyone talks about. Ask Primark staff directly if they want to receive the items that have been announced in the store. In addition to categorically denying that they have arrived and showing great goodwill, they also claimed that they did not know the exact date of receipt. Collection: “We don’t know when it will arrive , But first we must act in accordance with my understanding with influential people”. In some activities, the company will have relevant characters in the 2.0 universe for them to watch, try and take home, including some new objects of desire from the Primark home series.

Curiously, after this wave of public searches, in the last “post” the brand added to its Instagram account, the company redirected it by specifying where the products mentioned in the post can be found in which agencies. Specifically, in the case of velvet cushions, “available in the UK” (available in the UK) will be listed, followed by the price.

Rattan shelf rattan wildcard from Primark / Primark decoration series
Rattan shelf rattan wildcard from Primark / Primark decoration series

The frustration of a misunderstanding did not slow down expectations for new things. Primark decoration, If not the other way around. When the countdown started, many users were already waiting for influencer posts to get first-hand information in order to be able to enjoy the most fashionable furniture at home at incredible prices. The fact seems to be that on the day of Primark’s new product launch, their popular product promises will disappear from inventory once they reach the authorized point of sale. How is this possible?

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