We reveal the secret behind Amelia Bono’s facial routine


Amelia Bono has a big secret, a facial routine only within reach of a few pockets that gives you amazing skin. influencern Amelia Bono she is like the rest of the mortals, she has the skin like a 40-year-old woman with freckles, very sensitive to the sun. For this reason, it is important to take care of yourself. A large family mother who has gone through this impressive process on several occasions, has also had to prepare properly so that the spots or freckles do not multiply. Notice Amelia Bono’s secret, it facial routine which he holds on his bedside table.

Amelia Bono has revealed the secret behind her facial routine

Amelia Bono’s benchmark brand is not cheapLa Mer is one of the most exclusive in creams available. We can buy it in the leading specialist shops in the industry for a price of about 200 euros for each product. The investment of the entire Amelia Bono routine is an average salary, although we can buy the products one by one, knowing that we will invest in quality and results.

Crème de la Mer moisturizing cream It is one of the elements that we see that Amelia Bono uses to show off impressive skin. This almost magical formula manages to moisturize the driest skin with natural elements. Moisturizing is a key factor if we want to prevent the skin from wrinkling, but it is also important at certain times of the year. Amelia is a fan of winter sports, we always spend a lot of time outdoors, we need a cream of good quality. The container costs 255.99 euros, but the result is noticeable.

The eye contour room is another of the basics for which it’s worth following Amelia Bono’s beauty routine. This product is like including a magic wand in our daily lives to eliminate wrinkles in one of the most problematic areas of the face, the eyes. As stated in the description of this product: “Marine botanical extracts promote the natural production of elastin, which helps to enhance the visible effects over time. The skin gets a rejuvenated and improved appearance, as if time had stopped. Use the applicator and spread gently one drop around each eye morning and evening.This second product will cost us 214 euros, a huge investment in beauty that will be felt.

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