We love life as you love death


Think of all the things you like that would not be possible in a world ruled by Islam. The other day I made a list of 31 songs and routines that I have liked, amused or loved, and after listening to them again, I could not imagine a single one of them being produced, let alone tolerated, in a society where Islam rules, and Muslims rule. The carefree, playful and tender relationships accepted between men and women, as variously expressed in these pieces, would horrify Muslims. So would the poise and self-assurance of the women, none of whom are in the least bit submissive in their approach to men. Their costumes would clearly violate Muslim dress bans. Their dances would attract. And the humor in many of these songs would be anathema to the ancients of Islam. Ayatollah Khomeini was not the only one who declared that “there is no fun in Islam.” Finally, the musical instruments that were used to make all this music violate Muhammad’s insistence that musical instruments are prohibited.

you belong to me tonight

Love is good for whatever ails you

Always look on the bright side of life

Who is knocking at my door?

Love is Strange

Chaplin’s nonsense song

accentuate the positive

Strange things that happen every day

he is not misbehaving

Doing the Suzi Q

black background

Why do not you do Right?

the very thought of you

i will wait

Cleopatra’s nose

my legionnaire


Georgia on my mind

The Black Buzz


Parlami d’amore, Mariu

Jealousy is no longer in fashion

italian mambo


the wine of love

dark is the night

failed encounter

for the long way

How can Sigismund avoid it if he is so handsome?

I’m always behind you

booty swing


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