We Know Where Nuria Roca’s Pants Started the Crazy


very original print, Pants Nuria Roca It was Thais Amich who sparked the madness, who always brought sophistication to his clothes.

The presenter wore it and a matching shirt in her network and looked animal print We like it from top to bottom, so you are always more elegant.

Here are our favorite Nuria Roca pants

it is zebra print trousers Pairs perfectly with tops or black or white tops from this company.

Very detailed 100% Eco ViscoseSomething with sustainability in mind and made in Spain.

Its colors are very original, with garnet, coral and black. Deo models are inspired by Greek origin, meaning sacred. The perfect alternative to skirts, volume and steam follow the premise of freedom and comfort without losing elegance.

it is loose hem wide leg pants, elasticated back waist and pockets. The clothes of this dress are carefully designed to fit all bodies. That’s why we don’t need to make more than two sizes: XS/S and M/L.

On the company’s same website, they reveal how to care for these pants to make them last longer.

they try to satisfy Commitment to sustainability, thereby minimizing environmental impact. Instructions are: wash max 30º, do not tumble dry, iron on medium heat, do not use bleach.

where do we get these pants

As we’ve highlighted, Nuria Roca also announced on her network that the pants (and the shirt she’s wearing) are animal prints from the Thais Amich company. It always offers the highest quality garments, so we had to make this garment the most refined locally.

We Know Where Nuria Roca's Pants Started the Crazy

Its price is 89 euros and you can choose between sizes XS-S and MLdepending on your size and whether you want to make your clothes looser or tighter.

As we can see, the best looks for her are orange, white, black or animal print blouses.also with Top blazer, black ankle boots, tonal bag There are even high heels that you will wear wherever you go this season. You can buy these pants now on the brand’s website before it’s too late and they might run out. You can also see Nuria Roca wearing it on TV.


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