We introduce you to Laura de Chiclana, the ‘successor’ to Sol Macaluso in the war in Ukraine


Although it was only a few months ago when Sol Macaluso monopolized the front page of the media by reporting, live, on Russian attacks on Ukrainian lands, now It seems that a chain mate has taken the witness in the most professional way. This is none other than Laura Chiclanawho remains in the middle of the war scene commenting on what happened nine months after the start of a massacre that does not seem to have an end, at least for now.

But, who is the new signing of Telecinco and Cuatro who has monopolized the screens in this critical situation? Laura de Chiclana is a 28-year-old Sevillian who graduated in 2017 as a journalist at the University of Seville, probably without ever imagining that this profession would bring him much joy. And it is that, taking into account her impeccable vocation, the young woman has had the opportunity to train in armed conflicts such as the one that happened in Venezuela and even Colombia, where she lived with the National Liberation Army; in addition to the 2019 humanitarian crisis on the island of Lesbos, located in Greece. However, its repercussion in the field of communication has not taken place until now, when it has monopolized the front page of the News of the Fuencarral chain when traveling to Ukraine, from where it reveals that the situation is very difficult between the continuous assaults armed by Vladimir Putin’s troops, which even make him suffer some anxiety attacks.

It should be noted that, if his chronicles have already become a work worthy of praise both by his colleagues and by the audience, so have his publications on Instagram. The universe 2.0 has been consolidated in Laura’s life in Ukraine as her most personal diaryalready having more than 12,000 followers to whom he informs about each movement he makes in the country led by Volodimir Zelenski without showing signs of weakness despite the cruel circumstances that the people he meets on this journey are suffering: “I chose this path because my heart cannot be happy seeing so much injustice, it is the way in which I have to give a voice to those who do not have it, it is my way of living,” he recently expressed, when he was 100 days old reporting on what it was happening in the Ukraine without losing hope that the war would come to an end.

However, not everything in the life of the woman from Seville revolves around her conflicts. Whenever she has free time and her hard work allows it, Laura takes the opportunity to enjoy the beach, either in Andalusia or in other enclaves, both nationally and internationally. As if that were not enough, she is also passionate about soccer, traveling and photography, which is why she posts some revealing snapshots on her Instagram profile.


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