We have it! Nuria Roca’s moccasins that have driven her followers crazy


The presenter has become a real influencer and has many followers who imitate her appearance. Now we have Nuria Roca loafers that drive us crazy. Want to know what they are?

They are in Miinto, and they are the Aloha’s Loafers model. In white, they provide the comfort that we all need at many times of the day.

How are Nuria Roca’s moccasins?

You will see that they are very special and demand our attention. They are loafers with loose heels, closed and low, in beige – ivory, They are made of leather with a synthetic sole. The heel height is 50 mm.

They are great because you can have heels and a slightly thicker sole, be able to go up in height but walk comfortably everywhere.

What do we wear white loafers for?

With many clothes, because they are white they go perfectly with many clothes. Nuria RocaIt has been worn with a pistachio jacket, in an explosion of color that is fantastic on the slightly cloudy days we are in.

We have it!  Nuria Roca's moccasins that have driven her followers crazy

But it’s the perfect shoe if you go with a total black look, so they can stand out more, or good in all white to wear an outfit in the same color. You can also wear it with jeans in a much more informal way and even with dresses when you go to a party, because without a doubt you will always feel comfortable everywhere.

how much do moccasins cost

You can get these shoes on Miinto’s website in sizes from 37 to 41, but in some numbers there are few sizes left, as everything Nuria Roca wears usually runs out. So if you love it and see that it really is the shoe that you deserve for most outings. Its price is 180.19 euros.

We have it!  Nuria Roca's moccasins that have driven her followers crazy

Other similar loafers

If you like this style, you should know that on the same site there are a lot of similar shoes. There are similar Alohas at a higher level and which cost 200 euros; the one in brown colors with a nice sole and a price of 220 euros; those with two colors that are slightly more elegant and casual at a price of 220 euros; the Miista in animal print pattern at a price of 300 euros; The Gabor shoes are indeed similar to the ones we highlight in the main article at a price of 173 euros; and Chloe in pink at a price of 725 euros.

Now you can get one of them and consider them for your most special outings.


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