“We can’t rule out malicious behavior,” Dakar director admits that the vehicle exploded and injured the driver-Zimo News


The head of the Dakar station David Castera (David Castera) before the start of the race this Saturday, on Thursday, a car exploded and a driver was seriously injured. He returned to France 4’s microphone. By ensuring enhanced security measures and ensuring that Saudi Arabia conducts an in-depth investigation.

Is it caused by malicious behavior Vehicle explosion Two days before the start of the race, on Thursday, a Dakar driver was seriously injured? The clerk of the course does not rule it out. On the French No. 4 this Saturday, David Castera (David Castera) returned to the scene of the explosion.

“A Sodicars team’s assistance vehicle suddenly became unable to move-it must have exploded-and then it caught fire. The person in charge of the event said that there were six people in it. Now, he is in a stable condition and should return to France in the next few days. We are obviously thinking about him now.”

“We decided to work with the authorities to greatly strengthen security measures”

David Castella emphasized the cooperation of the Saudi authorities to ensure that investigations are ongoing and further strengthen security measures: “In this case, the Saudi authorities have mobilized and we are conducting a very thorough investigation. Before responding, we are now Malicious behavior cannot be ruled out. We have decided to work with the authorities to greatly strengthen the security measures for the assembly. We have strengthened these measures at all levels and we are waiting to know what happened.”


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