We are looking for the best imitations of Prada Monolith boots for less than 50 Euros, with pockets


this Prada Monolith leather boots They have become idols in the fashion industry this season.celebrity Influencer They have surrendered to them and they have sold out in the company’s online store. Very special boots, with structured lines and large volume, the shoe body has two nylon pockets.

They are made of calfskin and have a 5.5 cm high sports sole. The shoulder straps with nylon pockets make them very special bootsNow, their price is 1,550 euros, so only a few lucky people can afford them.

Fortunately, we signed some proposals at very favorable prices. Boots with black pockets are both comfortable and stylish.

Ella Time women’s boots with pockets

At Ella Time, you can get these boots that are suitable for everyday wear. They are made of breathable fabrics that facilitate the ventilation of the feet, with laces and zipper closures. The soles are tracked, so you can wear them on cold and rainy days this fall.

When you combine them, you can encourage yourself All black appearance. Boots with pockets look great with faux leather dresses and long coats.

Most importantly, they are now on sale because 49.45 Euro Instead of 114.89 euros, from 35 to 43.

AliExpress pocket boots

If you want to start with black and bet on a colorful look, there are some for sale on AliExpress Pink and blue Prada boots. They are equipped with shoelaces and side zippers. They are ideal boots for everyday wear. You can wear them to work, walks… they are suitable for all your activities!

They are reduced at a 60% discount because Between 22.32 and 25.61 Euro, Depending on the number you choose.

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