WBC President Welcomes Fury vs. White


Tyson fury just emerged from a victorious historical trilogy against Deontay Wilder but WBC the president already wants him to defend his title. Tyson he was asked several times what his next challenge would be, but he always wanted to make it clear that he considered himself invincible. If we’re strict with his actual skill level, we’re talking about one of the greatest heavyweights in history. Pitting him against any other boxer will be harmful to the sport. Deontay Wilder was probably the fiercest adversary he could face, but the president of the WBC, Mauricio Suleiman wants to see Rage get back on the ring as soon as possible.

Last few days, Anthony Joshua it has already been revealed that he will have to pay well to pass up his chance of revenge Alexander Usik… Any champion who has lost their belt has a chance for a rematch, this is how a title loss happens. The whole world wants to see the battle for the unification of the belts, but this will not happen until AJ takes revenge. Meanwhile WBC is already planning Tyson Fury’s next fight to keep him active. Remember when he won belts from Klitschko, Rage I didn’t go to the bottom and lost myself. Now that he’s in full swing again, everyone wants him to be present as much as possible for his own sake.

We will have a fight between Fury and White for the belts.

This is how President Suleiman decided to take matters into his own hands and allow both camps to negotiate. According to him, Rage I can negotiate with Dillian for a future fight. White is the highest-rated contender who can challenge the champion. This is what Suleiman wrote Twitter: “The WBC hereby orders the commencement of the free negotiation period in accordance with WBC Rules and Regulations for Compulsory Fight Between WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson fury and mandatory challenger and interim WBC World Champion Dillian White… “

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