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Joe Madureira, co-founder of Airship Syndicate, revealed Wayfinder, an Internet Action RPG partnership with Digital Extremes, at The Sport Awards. The announcement came during Geoff Keighley’s Sport Awards 2022, which was packed with new announcements and trailers, including From Software’s Armored Core 6, Kojima’s Demise Stranding 2, and much more.

The Wayfinder reveal is long overdue as Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes announced their cooperation four months ago at TennoCon 2022. Having recently completed another mission with Riot Games, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, Airship’s next mission Syndicate has already been billed as the most formidable yet. Previously known as Skylight, fans were fully aware something was going to be shown due to the studio’s announcement that it would be at The Sport Awards.

Joe Madureira unveiled the main trailer for the rebranded and free title Wayfinder after becoming a member of Geoff Keighley.

With many distinctive Wayfinder characters to play as, players can not only customize their appearance, but also equip them with weapons, armor, and abilities to match their playstyles. Many of them were shown in the trailer, including the assassin Niss, the tank-like Wingrave, Kyros, the battle mage, Silo, who wields ranged weapons like firearms, and the monstrous Amazon-style Sanja.

Gameplay-wise, the trailer gives fans plenty of clues as to what to expect from the previous Skylight mission. Along with character progression and finding various riches, Wayfinder assigns players to go to Lost Zones, which are random expeditions that players can modify with mutators, as well as augmentations and mods that the game offers. The game will also include Cross Play and Cross Save, as well as a social environment where players can team up, buy accommodation, and team up to deal with more difficult materials yet to be released.

While the game is slated for early access in Spring 2023, players can jump in starting on December 13 when Airship Syndicate launches its first PC-only test. Since this is the MMO-style approach to Airship, Digital Extremes has pitched in to provide their data with free features and their experience with ever-changing, community-driven products given that Warframe is fancy. these years later.

Wayfinder will launch in Early Entry Spring 2023 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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