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The Abu Dhabi GP culminates in Formula 1 World Cup 2022 with this race which will take place in the Yas Marina Circuit. max verstappen will celebrate their championship again, but the rest of the drivers on the grid, including Fernando Alonso Yes carlos sainz, they will fight to move up the general classification and finish as high as possible. In OK DAILY We tell you live and live online minute by minute and lap by lap everything that happens in this exciting race.

Abu Dhabi F1 GP live

Back 20/58. Alonso enters the pits

Fernando Alonso has already entered the pits. Checo Pérez signs the fastest race. The Mexican wants to secure second place in the 2022 Formula 1 World Cup.

Back 19/58. that’s all

It is true that there are no drivers to pit, but Alonso would be sixth right now. Hamilton now goes through the pit lane and Verstappen continues first with Charles Leclerc second. Sainz would be seventh and Russell eighth.

Back 18/58. turn for Carlos

Carlos Sainz also stops in the pits to change tyres. Let’s see how it starts to turn with so much time in the pit lane.

Back 16/58. Czech and Russell

Checo Pérez also pitted, who made a good stop. Russell too, who claims to have worn out his front tyres. Several drivers pass to change their tires.

Back 15/58. Enter Ocon

Esteban Ocon has already entered to change the tyres. It got tough Tsunoda is also in the pits and on the previous lap he also went through the Stroll workshop.

Back 13/58. everything is maintained

Max Verstappen continues first and Checo Pérez is second. Leclerc would complete the podium and Carlos Sainz is fourth. Ocon continues to resist Vettel and Alonso is watching closely.

Back 12/58. tire change

Most riders are on medium tires and they will need to start changing them in about 5 laps. Gasly, who is in soft, and Magnussen and Bottas, in hard, are in the last places.

Back 10/58. Ocon fights back

The French alpine pilot must also cover Sebastian Vettel. From behind, Fernando Alonso latched on to them taking advantage of the fact that they are in this fight.

Tower 9/58. loosen hamilton

Hamilton lost pace, we don’t know why and now it’s George Russell who surpasses the legendary Mercedes driver. From now on, the objective of the young driver is to get Carlos Sainz.

Round 8/58. Sainz Press

The truth is that the most beautiful duel is that of Carlos Sainz with the Mercedes. Indeed Carlos Sainz has just activated the DRS and beat Lewis Hamilton. Also Sebastian Vettel and Ocon sign a good fight.

Round 6/58. suffer Sainz

The Mercedes are doing quite well at the Yas Marina circuit and George Russell is putting pressure on Carlos Sainz. The good fortune for the Spaniard is that he has the DRS option as Hamilton is less than a second behind him.

Tower 5/58. hamilton flies

Lewis Hamilton once again overtook Carlos Sainz. The Briton steals and easily overtook the Madrid Ferrari. Of course, Max Verstappen continues to be the fastest on the asphalt.

Tower 4/58. Sainz reclaims fourth place

They investigated the action of Hamilton, who cut ground on his start and made him return the position to Carlos Sainz, the Spanish driver is fourth.

Tower 3/58. DRS is enabled

We are entering the third round and you can use the DRS. Checo Pérez, who is second, puts pressure on Max Verstappen and begins to take a few seconds from Charles Leclerc who is third, pursued by Hamilton. Fernando Alonso continues tenth and Carlos Sainz is fifth.

Tower 1/58. The Hamilton Flight

Good start! There were hardly any accidents but Hamilton’s car took off a bit when Carlos Sainz tried to pass him. Ocon fights with Russell. Lando Norris is sixth. Verstappen continues first.

Start the Abu Dhabi GP!

The red light goes out and the drivers start rolling. The first fifteen are on medium tyres. In a few moments we will tell you how the start went, if there were any accidents, friction, overtaking…

Training tower!

The single-seaters begin to set off on the Yas Marina circuit to do the lap in formation. This means that in a few minutes the last race of the 2022 Formula 1 World Cup season will begin.

5 minutes!

The drivers are already prepared in their single-seaters to prepare for the start of the Abu Dhabi GP, which is about to start now. In a few moments will be the formation lap of the last race of the Formula 1 World Cup 2022. Let’s go! We remind you that the race can be followed live on television on Dazn with the narration of Antonio Lobato. In addition, the seasoned journalist will be accompanied, as always, by Melissa JimenezPedro de la Rosa or Marc Cuquerella, among others.

The anthem and the hall

The country’s anthem has already sounded in front of the attentive attention of all the pilots on the asphalt. The show was total with an artist making a painting quickly and also with planes flying over the Yas Marina circuit drawing the flag in the sky. In addition, there was a room of all drivers in Sebastian Vettel.

Alonso’s accounts

One of Fernando Alonso’s big goals is to stay ahead of Esteban Ocon in the overall driver standings. The Spaniard is five points behind his teammate in Alpine and the Frenchman starts eighth while the Spaniard will do so in tenth position. These are the accounts of Alonso to finish in front of him on the beautiful table. Click here.

Alonso, ambitious

Fernando Alonso saw his last race as an Alpine driver at the Abu Dhabi GP. In a few hours he will be thinking only of Aston Martin and the Spaniard made it clear that he believed it was possible to win his third Formula 1 world championship with his new team. For that, we will have to wait for the next season, but in the meantime, We will trust your statements.

Sainz gets wet

During the week, one of the most intense debates was the anger between the two Red Bull drivers because Max Verstappen did not pass Checo Pérez during the Brazilian GP. This reignited an open controversy from Monaco when the Mexican allegedly caused an accident for profit. Carlos Sainz spoke about it and did not bite his tongue. All his statements, here.

Tribute to Vettel

Fernando Alonso, one of Formula 1’s oldest drivers, will have a nice gesture with Sebastian Vettel in what will be the German’s last race as a professional driver. The Asturian will wear a personalized helmet in honor of the German with various details that pay homage to his rival over the years. Click here to find out what the helmet looks like.

Peace in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel’s farewell has brought Formula 1 drivers a bit closer, some of whom have struggled throughout the season. The spades and brawls were put aside for a few hours, at least, as they all dined together to pay tribute to the German driver who will experience his last professional race at the Abu Dhabi GP. All the details by clicking here.

the free

In Saturday’s free practice, Max Verstappen dominated and was the fastest driver. The Dutchman does not even want to lose in the last race of the year despite the fact that he has already been champion for several weeks. Carlos Sainz finished the day in sixth place and Fernando Alonso in eighth place. The chronicle of the Saturday sessions, here.

A female F1

The FIA ​​has announced the creation of an all-female category for Formula 1. It will start in 2023 and its intention is that it will be an academy to prepare them so that they can make the leap to the highest categories and be able to compete with men. All the details of this notice, by clicking here.

Zasca by Fernando Alonso

The Asturian pilot lives his last race with Alpine. Fernando Alonso, who experienced his setbacks with Esteban Ocon, took the opportunity to send a blow to his teammate now that he is saying goodbye to the French team to start a new adventure with Aston Martin next season. His words, by clicking on this link.

what time is the race

The start of the race is scheduled for 2:00 p.m., an hour less if you are in the Canary Islands. It seems unlikely that due to bad weather the start of the Abu Dhabi GP will have to be delayed, so everything seems to be on time in this final round of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship.

Where to watch the Abu Dhabi GP

The Abu Dhabi GP race can be watched live on TV via Daznthe channel that gave the entire Formula 1 World Cup. Streamed and live online, it can be seen through the application of the said channel or on Movistar+ if you have contracted the package that includes this sport. In addition, at OKDIARIO we will tell you step by step without missing a detail everything that happens in this exciting Grand Prix.

the last race

Good afternoon everyone!! Welcome to the live, minute-by-minute, lap-by-lap online broadcast of the Abu Dhabi GP, the latest on the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship schedule. Today the drivers will highlight of a season in which Max Verstappen walked but in which there are still many doubts to be dispelled.


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