Watch Beyoncé’s Flamboyant Disco Images for ‘Summer Renaissance’


Beyoncé, Tiffany & Co. released a small music video featuring the song “Summer Renaissance” from the album “Renaissance” for her latest advertising campaign. The pop superstar, who starred alongside her husband Jay-Z in the jewelry brand’s ‘About Love’ campaign last year, appears in a one-minute clip directed by Grammy winner Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, Never Let). I am going).

In the clip, he is seen commanding a busy downtown nightclub. Romanek is also a Grammy Award winner.

Beyoncé looks ready to dazzle with her dazzling outfits and jewelry for the ‘Lose Yourself In Love’ Tiffany campaign in a video mimicking the Studio 54 era. The song samples disco queen Donna Summer’s classic “I Feel Love”.

A press release accompanying the release of Beyoncé’s seventh solo album titled “”RenaissanceReleased in July, “The singer initially “decided to lead fans on their immersive listening journey without the visuals, giving them the opportunity to be unlimited.” The album was released in July. “This is another opportunity for us to be more involved in the production as listeners than viewers, and making the most of it.” we want.”

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Tiffany & Co. Watch Beyoncé Ad Video with

Alexandre Arnault, senior vice president of product and communications at Tiffany & Co., told The Hollywood Reporter that Romanek shot the video using an unconventional 65mm camera as a “bold experiment in creativity.” “’Lose Yourself in Love’ epitomizes the beauty and powerful grace of self-love,” he continued. “A song about letting go and loving yourself.”

Beyoncé is a motivator for many people as she exemplifies these qualities. It is an honor to continue our collaboration for the second year in a row and we are excited to enter an exciting new era of love.” says Beyoncé was the driving force behind the “Break My Soul” remix EP, which was reportedly released at the same time.

Beyoncé released a new four-track EP earlier this year, featuring remixes of the song “Renaissance” by artists like Honey Dijon, Terry Hunter, and Nita Aviance.

But claims that in his absence, the event as a whole would never have happened. When asked, he told Metro, “I was in France when his song (‘Break My Soul’) came out and I said, ‘I wish the beat did that’.” After that, I contacted my colleague. and we have completed the task using the online platform for your information.

After that, the Black-Eyed Peas’ vocalist said, “They weren’t thinking about remixes until I delivered.”

“They released a remix EP and my song was their first track – and I was the inspiration for it.” It’s hard to put this into words, but it’s like Santa was honest!


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