WARNING: Odell Bekhan Jr is one of nine new Rams players who test positive for COVID-19


TI have Los angeles rams won Arizona Cardinals 30-23 to close the 14th week of traditional NFL night football on Mondays, but the mood on the way back to Hollywood is anything but festive and the Californian team is deeply concerned.

Receiver with a star Odell Beckham Jr.which they signed last month after Cleveland browns, was one of nine players who tested positive for COVID-19 and was therefore listed on the NFL health protocol.

Anxiety Despite Victory

The rest of the players who were deemed unfit return to the defense. Terrell Burgess, dead end Brysen Hopkins, protective back Juju Hughestackle Alaric Jackson, nasal tackles Sebastian Joseph-Day (injured reserve), protective back Jordan Fuller, protective back Tyler hall (training squad) and defensive end Jonah Williams (training squad).

Fearing what could lead to the outbreak, strictest protocol Rams was activated and they closed the facility on Tuesday, fears the outbreak is uncontrollable.

“I’m very surprised because you feel like you’re behind it when everyone is vaccinated and you are heading in the right direction,” – heac trainer Sean McVeigh said. “Without a doubt, we have never experienced anything like this with regard to COVID. It definitely opened my eyes. “

Five starters failed to play against the Cardinals

And those movements join the movements before the Cardinals game, the same day the game was listed on the COVID-19, Star Corner. Jalen Ramseyas well as the tight end Tyler Hyperby (which turned out to be a false positive and was already released), to them we have to add running back Darrell Henderson Jr., right selection Rob Henstein and protective back Dont’e deayonThey all missed the NFC West game in Glendale.

According to McVeigh himself, the Rams facilities will be closed for at least two daysin the hope that the situation will not get out of control.

The NFL had a maximum COVID-19 positive Last Monday, another team hit hard by this ailment is precisely Beckham’s former team, the Cleveland Browns, which added eight players to the health protocol roster on Tuesday.

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