Warm, but stylish: that’s how you’ll feel in this dressing gown from El Corte Inglés


During the cold months, it is very important to be warm and comfortable at home, but without compromising on style. In it new collection of El Corte Inglés for this season, we have signed a dress from the brand ‘Gisela’ which fulfills these three requirements perfectly. The floral pattern is beautiful, with garnet and green as the main colors, and it has its own matching pajamas. Undoubtedly an ideal outfit for women of all ages who want to splurge in style at home too.

The most beautiful dressing gown in El Corte Inglés

Made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, is a long robe with a floral pattern. It has several details that make it a very special garment. The wide sleeves add a touch of style and also make the dress much more comfortable as it allows total freedom of movement. This is something that you will appreciate a lot when you are working remotely or sitting on the couch to enjoy a good movie.

You must add tie at the waist, which allows you to tie the cloak tighter or looser, as you prefer. And of course we can’t forget that she has her own pajamas to match, with a white V-neck top and long, wide pants with the same floral pattern as the robe. A set with which you will be warm and comfortable at home and you will also look wonderful.

Regarding the care of the dress, in the El Corte Inglés online store, the brand provides some specific instructions. Can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. In the latter case, the maximum temperature should be 30 degrees so as not to damage the fabric. You cannot use the dryer or the iron, so when you take the robe out of the washing machine, you must let it air dry, out of direct sunlight.

The long dress with floral pattern It is available at El Corte Inglés for 45.95 euros in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. It’s one of the best purchases you can make this season. Now that Christmas is approaching, you can also choose it as a gift for, for example, your mother or your best friend. They will love having such a beautiful and comfortable outfit to be at home. In the online store, you can also check availability in your nearest El Corte Inglés store.


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