Worrying bombardments close to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in European territory, still in the hands of the invader. Ukraine and Russia blame each other for them. A mistake would doom a disaster.

The country continues with serious problems for the supply of energy, but the Government of Volodimir Zelensky guarantees that there will not be a “total cut”, but restrictions. Moscow continues to attack critical civilian infrastructure.

Allies are working against the clock to help kyiv weather the cold. This weekend, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunakvisited Zelensky to personally assure him of support and provide a new air defense package.

In the diplomatic field, a negotiation for peace is planned in the environment, but for different reasons neither Vladimir Putin nor do Zelenski want to sit, as the United States claims, in permanent contact with the Kremlin and its intelligence.

[Putin convierte Crimea en un fortín: cava trincheras contrarreloj para definir el nuevo frente de batalla]