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Pro Plan sterilized dry food is low in calories and easy to digest. It can help your cat maintain a healthy weight while taking care of its muscle mass and reducing dental plaque. If they are very good for your pet’s health, then these coarsely ground foods are also especially popular with cats!

Finding the right food for your cat is no easy task, because you must take into account several factors: the palatability of the product and its health benefits for the pet. You must also find the kibble food that is best for your cat, especially in terms of its age, weight, and possible health problems.

Ideal kibbles for neutering or neutering adult cats

Pro Plan sterilized dry food was developed in collaboration with scientists to help cats maintain a balanced urine pH and support kidney and urinary tract health.

This is because sterilization/castration increases the risk of urinary tract disease (UTID) in cats. Therefore, these risks must be considered when choosing a diet for your cat.

This complete food also contains a unique blend of ingredients that combines all essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C and E, omega unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. These kibbles are a balanced food based on healthy ingredients that provide all the important substances for neutered cats to make them feel good.

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Cats and their humans love food!

Balanced, delicious, and beneficial to the health of neutered cats, Pro Plan neutered kibbles also have excellent qualities to please the most discerning cats. You can test them through Zooplus, with code PP-STERIISED5 at a discount of 5 Euros.

“My cat, no matter how difficult it is, ask them!”

Some of our readers had the opportunity to test them with their tomcat, and the feedback was very positive:

“These kibble foods are very suitable for my two neutered cats: a 3-year-old child who is very greedy, but they will not make him fat. There is also a 13-year-old kitten, which is very difficult. , No teeth: these coarsely ground foods have no effect on her size and hardness. They both like it.”

“It’s perfect. My cat likes them very much and digests them well. Even the most sensitive of the three can tolerate them!”

Thanks to their Optirenal formula, Pro Plan Sterilized Kibble supports kidney and urinary tract health, while helping to maintain a balanced urine pH, which is very important for your cat’s health.

“My cat has had cystitis several times. Therefore, it is essential to change his diet. Since taking Pro Plan sterilized dry food, she has no longer had any problems.”


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