Wake up after 20 years of coma and face the “awakened” and “inclusive” world head-on


17 year old high school cheerleader has accident in 2002 when doing a trick. Consequences of a major incident spends 20 years in a coma. When she wakes up in 2022, she is almost 40 years old, but with the mentality of a teenager. Her intention is to pick up her old life from where she left off, which she believes happened the day before.

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A frame from the film “Back to the Institute.”

Thus, she returns to the institute to fulfill the dream that she has left to fulfill, to become the queen of dance. The problem is that no more prom king or queen, “if no one wins, no one loses”. Continuing this logic, the school cafeteria is dominated by a long table, like this no popular tables and “pardillo” tables.

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A scene from the film Back to School.

But all this goodwill has been dismantled where the popularity is much wilder than in the 90s, due to social networks. Influencers who strive to create only an “authentic, socially conscious brand, transversal, sustainable and economically compassionate, which is inclusive(sic) where real friends have been replaced with likes and it’s real drama not to have enough followers.

Rebel Wilson in costume from Back to School

This is the plot of Vuelta al Insti, the new comedy Netflix with rebel wilson (almost unrecognizable after strong weight loss, left fat amy behind from the saga Giving a note). Wilson’s character will have to face a new reality captured by cell phones. cheerleaders who no longer dance sexy dances, but throw out ideological slogans or boys with skirts. As with any self-respecting school comedy, there will be a makeover and revolution in the school halls.

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East – Movistar+

War films and psychological thrillers come together in this brutal and ruthless take on one of the the darkest (and unknown) episodes in the history of the Netherlands: brutal repression, torture and summary executions carried out by the Dutch army against the Indonesian population during their war of independence.

Blending fact and fiction, historical fact and personal stories, The Orient tells the episode from the point of view of 20-year-old Dutch soldier Johan de Vries, who arrives in the Dutch East Indies. in 1946, ostensibly to help the local population. Until recently, the Japanese army-occupied former colony is determined to become an independent country, but Dutch soldiers arrive in the area convinced that they will be welcomed as heroes on the islands and in the Netherlands when they return from their mission. There is nothing further from reality.

el este-movistar.jpeg

Sneakerella: Cinderella in Slippers – Disney+

Zelly is a young man with great talent for shoe designHowever, he cannot show himself in front of his stepfather, who does not treat him favorably. One day meet Kira, the daughter of a basketball legend. It is at this moment that he decides to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous sneaker designer.

Our Father – Netflix

Jacoba Ballard, the only child conceived with the help of donor sperm, has always dreamed of a brother or sister. One fine day, a home DNA test revealed to her that she had not one half-brother, but seven, contrary to good fertility practice. When a group of half-siblings researched his idiosyncratic family tree, they soon discovered the terrible truth: her parents’ doctor impregnated his patients own sperm without his consent. When Ballard and his half-siblings realized they had barely touched the surface of the Doctor’s dark web of deceit, their thirst for justice led them to star in this disturbing tale of unthinkable breach of trust.

Last survivors – Movistar+

Thriller that starts like post-apocalyptic science fiction and this leads to a triangle of relationships doomed to disaster and self-discovery. The apocalypse has finally happened, and Jake (Van Acker) remembers how his father Troy (Stephen Moyer) pulled him out of hell into take shelter in a lost forest surrounded by snow. However, reality – which Jake does not believe – will sneak into his lair, forcing the lives of father and son to change. isolated in natureundergo drastic changes in meet a woman on your way (Alicia Silverstone), who at first doesn’t seem like a threat to the utopia they’ve built.

This movie.


Film Fatima – Prime Video

Fatima tells a story 10 year old shepherd boy and his two cousinswho live in the city of Fatima, Portugal. Three children say they had Visions of Our Lady of Fatima. Revelation inspires believers but angers their families, church authorities, and secular government trying to get them to change their version of history. In the midst of World War I, three Portuguese children are on trial. As her story unfolds, hundreds of religious pilgrims flock to the site of the apparition in the hope of witnessing a miracle. What they experience will change their lives forever.


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