Waje tells how she was paid N1k a month as a church secretary |


Waje narrates how she was paid N1k monthly as a church secretary

wajeThe Nigerian singer-songwriter, says she was once paid N1000 a month to work as a church secretary.

The 42-year-old brought up the revelation on the latest episode of the Tea With Tay podcast.

The singer said she had to move from Benin to Enugu to stay with her aunt after the stigmatization she suffered as a result of her teenage pregnancy.

He also said that it was while working at the church that his talent was noticed.

Waje added that he signed his first contract with a record label when he was 19 years old.

“I think ‘Do Me’ came out in 2006 or 2007. By the time ‘Do Me’ came out, I had already signed a record deal five or six years later. I signed because I remember my daughter was about 1 and I was about 19 at the time,” she said.

“So I signed and moved to Enugu. When I had my daughter, the stigma and everything, you know, the teenage pregnancy and everything. So I couldn’t live in Benin anymore, so I left Benin and moved to Enugu, to my mother’s sister’s house.

“Now I stayed, such an amazing woman, I call her great mom. I stayed with her and used to attend a church called Almond Chapel. Since she hadn’t entered school yet, I started working as a church secretary.

“So my salary was 1,000 naira and this was the year 2002 and 1,000 naira might be 5,000 naira today. It was a growing church but I enjoyed it because I used to wear my aunt’s skirt suits, I needed to be an adult.

“I was in the choir and one Sunday after singing, that’s when I met my mentor Chris Madubuko. So when I met him, he listened when he was singing and he said to me, ‘I have a record label, you sing well and you should sign.’

“I thought no, they didn’t call me to sign. I was called to sing the gospel. Even if it wasn’t gospel, I didn’t want to put my voice on a track. I thought as far as music goes, it was the church.

“I was fine singing from church to church. Then he convinced me that ‘God gave you such a beautiful gift, you can’t just be there and you can earn money from this gift.’ So I signed with him.”


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