Von der Lein warned that Russia would receive “unprecedented” sanctions if it invaded Ukraine


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Ursula von der Leyen, the chairman of the committee, notified this Wednesday Vladimir Putin New economic sanctions”No precedentIf you invade UkraineThe EU leaders noted with great concern that Russia’s massive build-up of troops on the eastern border of Ukraine, and Moscow’s attempts to “destabilize” the country from within, in order to Stop your attempts to leave Russian orbit and move to the West.

Putin’s strategy Also applies to MoldovaWhen the president appeared before the plenary session of the European Parliament, he condemned the “blatant attempt to intimidate” the pro-European government and “limit the supply of natural gas when prices are high.”

“We must protect our societies and democracies from this A cynical geopolitical gameWe certainly hope to maintain good relations with Russia, but whether this is possible depends first on Russia’s behavior. And now Russia is choosing to take an aggressive stance against its neighbors,” Von der Lein said.

The President reiterated the EU’s “firm commitment” to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,Any sovereign country has the right to determine its own future“As the European Union and its G7 partners have clearly stated, further aggressive actions against Ukraine will cost Russia a huge price,” he said.

According to the commission of European leaders in June last year, the Community Executive Committee Prepared a list of options for action against MoscowThis was developed in “close cooperation with the United States and other partners.” “We are ready,” Von der Lein assured.

Since the invasion of Crimea in 2014, The European Union imposed a package of economic sanctions on Russia Affect the financial and energy sectors, civilian and military dual-use products, and national defensearrive. Since then, some measures have been updated every year.

“Our response to any new aggression may take the form of a strong expansion and extension of these existing sanctions. Of course, we are prepared to adopt Unprecedented additional measures​​ It has serious consequences for Russia,” the president said.

In any case, such unprecedented sanctions have been repeatedly announced, basically for the purpose of dissuasion. As von der Lein himself admitted, this is about persuading Putin to give in and stop the plan to invade Ukraine.

“Most importantly, I ask Russia to ease tensions, resort to diplomatic channels and respect its international commitments. The conflict must be resolved peacefully,” he concluded.


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