Von der Lein: “There is no political negotiation or recognition of the Taliban”


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President of the European Commission, Ursula von Delane, Said this Saturday that “one euro of humanitarian aid cannot be allocated to a regime that deprives women of their rights and freedoms, as well as opportunities for work and study.”

“No political negotiations with the Taliban, no recognition of the Taliban”, Pointed out.

Visit by Von der Lein Together with the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez; And the President of the Council of Europe, Charles MichelThe reception center was installed at the Torrejón de Ardoz base (Madrid) for European citizens and Afghan collaborators evacuated from Kabul.

“We can listen to the Taliban, but we will measure them by their actions,” Von der Lein added, adding: “The situation is very unclear; we will work hard to enable women to continue to work, but also for those who need it. People who work provide help. Persecuted.”

The President of the European Commission stated that “multi-million euros of European development aid funds are conditional on respect for human rights, ethnic minorities, women and girls.”

“We have to discuss how to make it easier for people to reach the airport; if it can save lives, it’s better to talk.”, Pointed out.

However, he stated that this is nothing more than “operational contact” with the Taliban to facilitate the evacuation from the Afghan capital Kabul.

The President of the European Commission wants to make it clear that it is “necessary to distinguish” current “action contacts” with the insurgents and other political considerations.

“We had business contacts with the Taliban in times of crisis because we discussed how to promote people to leave KabulIn these situations, of course there is a need to contact, it is important to speak in order to save lives, but there is no political dialogue or recognition of the Taliban,” he said.

For this reason, von der Lein warned that unless the Taliban respect the rights of civilians, especially the rights of minorities, women and other particularly vulnerable groups, the EU will suspend all aid funds to Afghanistan.

“The Taliban talked about inclusive government and respect for women within the framework of Islam, no matter what that means, but I want to make it clear that the 1 billion euro designated for the next seven years is related to respect for human rights, and the treatment of minorities and women “, Von der Leyen from the Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) base declared.

Von der Lein then promised, “No one-euro development will flow to a regime that denies these rights”, After recalling that the EU has received information about the Taliban’s persecution of dissidents and international collaborators, despite the organization’s promise.

“We listen to the Taliban, but we use their actions to measure,” Von der Lein said. Like Sanchez He pointed out that the military operations in Afghanistan and the years spent by the international community were “not in vain.” “Generations have been able to study in Afghanistan, and we must protect them,” he said.

Similarly, the President of the European Commission added that, given that humanitarian needs have multiplied in a country with 3.7 million internally displaced persons and 80% of women and children, the EU remains firmly committed to supporting NGOs. “We must ensure that they go home safely or may leave.”, Underlined.

In view of the increase in humanitarian needs, von der Lein pointed out that the committee plans to increase the current aid package to Central Asian countries and will “soon” raise new protests.

Von der Lein took this opportunity to “thank the member countries that host refugees”, especially Spain. When the current situation requires it, Spain’s reception of these people is “a model of the European soul”, in any case he describes it as “a tragedy.” , A heavy blow to the international community.”


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