Volkswagen Rumored to Relaunch Scout Nameplate


Volkswagen Group is reportedly considering reviving the Scout name for North America. Following the 2020 merger of trucking subsidiaries Traton and Navistar, VW found itself with the agriculture-focused International Harvester. Although the brand hasn’t technically been around since 1985, the German company does own its intellectual property — including the Scout name — and is keen to capitalize on its so-called sub-brand that specializes in sport utility vehicles. miss.

According to reports from TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal, VW has yet to make a final decision. But plans under consideration are to use the Scout title to support a range of electric SUVs.

It makes sense. The formula has served Jeep very well, and the brand now enjoys an international recognition that other brands can only envy. The popularity of SUVs has grown steadily since 2010. But as the state of the world became uncertain and business timelines became uncertain, heavy-duty utility vehicles (or crossovers like them) became more popular. Road maintenance seems to have been all but abandoned. in some areas. We may not end up taking over the Mad Max universe. However, with finances tightening, there are plenty of people who are hedging their bets and spending their hard-earned money on vehicles they think will be strong enough to weather tougher times.

But we’ve yet to see whether all-electric pickup trucks and utility vehicles will be so popular with the public that VW’s plans work. Jeep owners are avid (especially if they’re the kind of owners who actually abuse off-road driving), and that enthusiasm is almost as loyal as the Toyota 4Runner, Suzuki Jimny, Land Rover Defender, and many pickup trucks. Similar iconic tires are sold alongside the ultra-regular tires. These will be models that are very difficult to fundamentally change with electrified powertrains, and the industry is trying to figure out the best way to address this.

Relying on Scout from International Harvester, VW knows it’s getting some cultural cachet from a brand with a historic place in the modernization of sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. This may help to encourage the public to believe that there is something behind the resulting Scout product, whatever lies beneath the sheet metal. It’s also why Ford’s design of the Lightning is so close to the gasoline-powered F-150, while GMC’s choice of electric vehicle is named after the Hummer.

Volkswagen’s plan is to use the same platform to sell electric SUVs and pickups, similar to Rivian’s R1T and R1S. The automaker’s board is expected to approve the new brand this week.

since Wall Street Journal:

Volkswagen has tried to break out of its niche and become a bigger brand in America. Although it is the second largest automaker in the world after Toyota Motor Corporation, it has a market share of less than 5 [percent] In the U.S

Despite its small footprint, Volkswagen’s electric vehicles are selling faster in the U.S. than its conventional counterparts.VW says it has about 8 [percent] In the US electric car market, second only to Tesla.

“As a result, the focus will be clearly on electric vehicles, which we see as a historic opportunity to gain market share in the U.S.,” VW Chief Executive Herbert Diess said on a recent shareholder call.

If the plan comes to fruition, production facilities are speculated to be located in North America — possibly close to its current manufacturing center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The initial investment should be over $1 billion to get things going. Presumably, the German automaker will seek more funding from outside investors, possibly even taking Scout public.

However, there is no actual information about the vehicle itself. Rumor has it that Scout will avoid making models smaller than the Volkswagen Atlas and Volkswagen, and there may actually be a size difference between pickups and SUVs. While it seems a bit early to make any assumptions, we’d be reaching out to Rivian for advice as that seems to be the brand to target here.

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