VoD: website for recording French films from abroad – Le Courrier des Amériques


This is what we would need during blocking: video-on-demand websites (water) with exclusively French films and productions, all visible abroad. These offerings are aimed, among other things, at cinephiles, with good movies and which can please vineyard families, as they have optional English subtitles.

France Channel

This site is already running. For $ 7.99 a month (or $ 79.99 a year), they offer “the best of French culture and lifestyle” with movies, series, documentaries …



The Cinessance site seems to be a little more focused on the film and is due to open this year. Its creator, Clément Monnet, explains that it is a launch of a loading platform such as the American ones, which we have seen for several years, ” with popular French comedies, action movies, a little of everything. That people say to themselves: “If I want a French film, I’m going here”“. And so there will also be a lot of classics: on the page we can already see examples in the category “upcoming films”. Some movies will be included in the subscription and there will also be a movie base rental.



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