Vladimir Putin outlined six conditions for ending the war in Ukraine

Tueit Vladimir Putininvasion Ukraine officially beginning on February 24, the world’s just condemnation struck Russia in a difficult position within the country, and with the cessation of the military struggle Russiaadvance to Kiev, Insert you laid out six conditions that will end the war.

Insert put forward a series of non-negotiable conditions during peace talks with representatives of the Ukrainian government, although at the moment death and destruction in Ukraine continues on a daily basis.

Ukrainian officials do not believe Insert realistic in its demands, while the visits of the leaders of Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic did little to speed up the peace process.

Putin’s conditions to end the war

According to the ABC newspaper, InsertThe terms of peace for Russia are as follows:

one. Ukraine is not a member of NATO and maintains a position of neutrality

two. Crimea is recognized as a territory of Russia

3. Independence granted to Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Four. Ukraine demilitarizes and surrenders any weapons that pose a threat to Russia

five. Ukraine is going through a process of denazification, which is essentially a change of government based on Putin’s previous words about the Ukrainian leadership.

6. Russian becomes the second official language of Ukraine, and all laws prohibiting its use are repealed.


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